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Malaysian Golfers Biography

The game of golf can be very fulfilling if you know the way around it and learn to enjoy it. Golf in Malaysia is among the most popular recreational sport while Malaysian golfers have already achieved much success in the regional and global circuit.

The Golfers’ Biography is your perfect platform to find out all you need to know about Malaysian golfers. From their profiles to their achievements, you can learn from the top Malaysian golfers in the circuit and find out where and what they have participated previously.

This is where you check out the Top 10 Malaysian Golfers in the country today and read about the profiles of popular personalities like Sukree Othman, Danny Chia, Airil Rizman Zahari and many others, all of whom are actively involved in golf tournaments around the world. Be inspired by their achievements and persistence in making a name for themselves and the county.

Game Rules

Ever wondered if an 18-hole golf course is actually made up of 18 holes? What does it actually mean and how do you win the game really? Our Game Rules section outlines and describe in detail all you need to know about playing the game of golf.

You can find out about the terms and keywords used in golf like handicaps, greens, tees, bogeys, eagles and birdies here. Specially written to be easy to read and understand, we might not make you a professional golfer immediately, but we can surely get you started to like the game.

After all, how can you expect to enjoy the game of golf if you do not know the rules? The main rules of golf are explained here while you can find out about what the guidelines are getting out of hazards, sand bunkers and many others to give you a crystal clear picture of this game.

Your Local Golf Directory

Besides knowing the techniques and rules of golf, it is imperative to enjoy this game in the right environment. Have you ever wanted to play golf in a certain place but was not sure if the conditions are conducive for your game? Have you ever wanted to know if there is a world-class golf course in a certain state that you might be visiting?

This section tells you what to expect at the many golf courses around the country. Providing you with an overview of what to expect and what makes the golf courses so enticing, you will want to visit these locations almost immediately after reading them.

There is information here like the top golf courses in Malaysia, the various courses located in their respective states and information including weather conditions, travelling, facilities and other related information which you might need if you are considering playing around the states of Malaysia.

Golf Equipments

Did you know that the standard set consists of 12 golf clubs? Did you know that every iron is specially designed to take very specific shots? Have you ever wondered why are the clubs called ‘the iron’? Are you aware of what you can do with the 6, 7, 8 and 9 irons? Do you know your clubs and their manufacturers?

If those are the questions that you have been asking, then you have come to the right place. The Golf Equipment segment is where you can learn all you need about the types of golf equipment used for the game.

From descriptions of the clubs used and the irons for specific shots, you can read about the product reviews of the latest drivers, wedges, hybrid clubs and such. On top of that, there is explanation on other equipment like golfing attire and the most appropriate clothes to wear are provided too.


Golf can be a technical game if you want it to be. There are specific techniques and styles that you can adopt to improve your game is needed. As such, the Learning section is your best and most perfect place to go if you are looking for guides or any sort of tutorial to make your game better which are all provided by some of the most experienced golfers around.

If you have been playing for a while and still cannot get the swing right, this might be the best place to look. The rules of golf are explained here to get you started and it explains all other areas of the game so that you are more aware of what to expect. Tips for the amateur golfer will be a great place to begin because you can now start on the right path and enhance your game as you go along.

Malaysian Golf Courses

This segment gives you all the information you need about all the major golf courses around Malaysia. It is the dream of every golfer to play in the international golf courses and tournaments. You can now get the feel of this through playing in some of the award-winning and world-class golf courses in Malaysia.

The golf course descriptions here are classified according to their respective states where you can read all about them. The designer and design of the course, the layout, facilities and location of the golf courses are all provided here.

If you are playing golf in Selangor or Klang Valley, you can find out about the Kelab Golf Negara Subang or in Bukit Jalil Golf and Country Resort while over in Kelantan is the Kelantan Golf and Country Club which offer a satisfying game around the east coast of Peninsular Malaysia.

Here is where you can find out all you need to know including weather conditions, reviews on the countless golf clubs around Malaysia including the A’Famosa Golf and Country Club in Malacca, the Darulaman Golf and Country Club in Kedah, the Perangsang Templer Golf Club and SSG Beringin Golf Club in Selangor, the Penang Golf Resort in Penang and many others.


The game of golf is growing rapidly around the world. In Malaysia, it has a strong network of players and tournaments throughout the calendar year to build and develop the game. There has been some strong participation in the amateur levels around the country which saw budding golfers coming out and performing excellently.

This is the one-stop platform for you to find out about the events that are organized throughout the year in Malaysia including the KGM Junior Amateur Open Golf Championship, the Sabah Masters, the Kuala Lumpur Amateur Open and many more.

Meanwhile, you can find out about the international tournaments that have been attracting top golfers around the world like the Maybank Malaysian Open, the CIMB Classic, the Sime Darby LPGA Malaysia, the Iskandar Johor Open and the Eurasian Cup. These golf tournaments have surely put Malaysia on the golfing global circuit while allowing our players more exposure and experience in the international arena of this sport.