Nur Maisarah Sa’ad – A well-recognized golf talent with exciting potential in the near future


In 2019, Nur Maisarah Sa’ad received sponsorship from the MALGA or Malaysian Ladies Golf Association through the Tan Sri Muhyiddin Charity Golf (TSMCG). She received the sum of RM15,000 to fund her expenses for participation in golf tournaments both locally and abroad. This was a display of confidence by the golfing body in recognizing the rising talents who are expected to put Malaysia on the world map.

Climbing up the rankings

As an amateur golfer, Nur Maisarah has been playing in many tournaments around the circuit. She went to school at the Kemumin High School and has since furthered her studies in the United States. Nur Maisarah has recently been selected into the Malaysian Team 2020/2021 by the Malaysian Golf Association where she will be playing alongside some of the top and emerging amateur golfers in her category like Ashley Chin, Goh Ashley and Angel Hii.

Tournaments and Events

In the last few years, Nur Maisarah has been involved in many events in the golfing circuit across the region. She participated in the 2019 Thailand Ladies Amateur Open, the 2019 Singapore Ladies Amateur Open Championship as well as the 2019 Malaysian Ladies Amateur Open Championship. She finished fifth at the 2019 Melaka Amateur Open (Incorporating the Malaysian Amateur Close) event. That same year, she also finished ninth at the TSM Golf Challenge as well. Other achievements that Nur Maisarah managed include finishing third at the Taiwan Junior Amateur, twelfth at the Australian Junior Open and also went on to win the Nilai Springs Amateur Open.

Nur Maisara Sa’ad

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