Sean Yi Yip


Sean Yi Yip is a Malaysian amateur golfer who was selected into the Division 1 All-American Scholars for 2017-2018.

That would be the first in her career and she has would continue to grow in the sport.

The Kuala Lumpur-born golfer is currently based in the United States.

She left Malaysia and studied at the Presbyterian Ladies College in Australia, a boarding school when she was 14 for 4 years before heading out of the US.

Apart from golf, Sean Yi Yip also was involved in rowing during her time in Australia.

She played in the 2019 Selangor Amateur Open where she finished seventh while finishing 13th at the 2019 RSGC Ladies Amateur Open Championship.

That year, she also followed up with a fourth-place finish at the Marilynn Smith Sunflower Class.

After that, she would compete in the 2020 Texas State Invitational where she finished 18th.

Other tournaments she was involved in include the 2020 Hurricane Invitational, 2020 ICON Invitational and the 2019 Jim West Challenge.


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