Golf Business Solutions


If you are in the business of the golf game, then Golf Business Solutions could well be your answer to the running of your operations. It is a complete package that helps in the running of every aspect in the golf business.

Key Features

Whether your business operations are small or big, Golf Business Solutions will be able to handle them. This application is designed to assist the likes of:

  • Golf instructors
  • Golf course facilities and services
  • Golf equipment and service suppliers
  • Related businesses including F&B

What you will get in Golf Business Solutions include applications that can be used for marketing, consulting and support purchasing and operations. Besides that, you can track and manage the distribution of tee time, Food and Beverage, booking and reservations and pricing control, among others.

Key Modules in Golf Business Solutions

What you stand to enjoy when you use Golf Business Solutions is a full and comprehensive range of autonomous and completely-integrated applications that cover POS, website development, application support, communications, database integration and sync and CRM, to name a few. This means that you get to enjoy:

  • Tools that will help you operate your golf course
  • Calculations on bookings and ROI
  • Maintenance and enhancing customer relationships
  • Membership management
  • Digital marketing and promotions
  • Integration with other websites for centralized management of tee time management

Budgeting and Costing

In being able to manage your operations, you can use Golf Business Solutions to manage your budget and costing across several platforms. This includes the spending involved for staffing and branding as well as overheads. Meanwhile, you can also manage revenue and income including keeping track of competitions and boosting up your online reviews. There is an auto-pricing tool that helps you sell better while play rates can be adjusted according to what the golfers need. Among the benefits of using Golf Business Solutions include being able to:

  • Plan and implement marketing strategies to promote golf facilities using several messaging platforms
  • Use the reservation system where you can make your own designs, rules, guidelines and even promo codes. This will allow you to manage players and reservations throughout different sites
  • Improve your communication through in-app tools. Besides that, you can also design better newsletters with the easy-to-use email editor that allows you to add photos, texts and custom images.
  • Better manage your golf facilities and improve branding by keeping track of reviews and opinions posted online.
  • Keep track of every aspect of marketing, inventory and consulting through the reporting feature

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