Golf Associations

Malaysian Golf Association – The governing body of Malaysian Golf

Throughout the years, MGA has been working tirelessly to ensure that the integrity of the game is maintained and preserved. Entrusted to develop the game of golf in the country, MGA is a non-governmental organization.

It is run by a team of highly capable management staff together with a group of volunteers who are committed and passionate about golf and who work towards the betterment of the game in the country.

Changing the portfolio through the years

Over the years, the Malaysian Golf Association has evolved and increased its portfolios and responsibilities. What started out organizing competitions like the 14 state amateur opens, the national amateur open and amateur close and the highly prestigious Malaysian Open has since moved towards managing the National Handicap System.

Apart from that, the MGA is also imperative to build and promote programs from the grassroots levels and develop golfers to prepare them for events on the international stage.

The commitment that MGA brings is to withhold the responsibilities and to grow the game in the country while ensuring that the Rules of Golf have adhered to.

Background of MGA

The Malaysian Golf Association is not only a member of The Olympic Council of Malaysia; it is a member of The Asia-Pacific Golf Confederation as well as being a member of the Royal Ancient Golf Club of Saint Andrews (R & A) and The International Golf Federation (formerly The World Amateur Golf Council).

MGA started the Malaysian Open in 1962. Ever since then, the event has taken place yearly, attracting golfers from all over the world. With a winning prize of USD 2,000,000 it is the highest award in the whole of Asia which is part of the Europe Tour.

Apart from the professional events, MGA also organizes the Amateur opens while hosting various of junior tournaments.

They are also responsible to run camps for novices, courses for beginners and provide advise and consultation for sponsorships and tournaments. MGA also looks into the developing and training of the National Team and Back-Up Squads, providing coaching where needed and running of various programs all over the country.

Association for female golfers – MALGA

Persatuan Golf Wanita Malaysia or more commonly known as Malaysian Ladies Golf Association (MALGA) was incepted on March 15, 1983 largely thanks to hard work and untimely effort from the late Mary Williams.

Besides that, another three ladies have also contributed and helped the formation of MALGA – Tunku Ampuan from Negeri Sembilan, Tunku Tun Maimunah Sultan Ismail and Tan Siew Lay. Since golf was gaining popularity back in 1980s, even Tan Sri Datuk Abdul Hamid, President of Malaysian Golf Association (MGA) showed support and encouragement with the establishment of MALGA.

Promoting Women Golfers in Malaysia

MGA provided assistance and looked after MALGA’s interest to increase confidence among women who are involved in golf. Ten years after it was established, Sports Commissioner of Malaysia, Ministry of Youth and Sports took over MALGA.

With an untimely effort, today, MALGA grew into one of the most prominent organization that caters to women who are interested in golf. MALGA is opened to ladies from all walks of life. There are a total of five categories of memberships namely founder, life, ordinary, junior and honorary.

There are mainly 2 major associations that look into the welfare of golfers, tournaments and the well-being of golf generally in Malaysia.

The most prominent one being the Malaysian Golf Association or MGA was created in 1929 has an affiliation with most if not all of the 174 clubs in Malaysia. During that time, various golf clubs met at the Singapore Golf club to form the Malayan Golf Association which was formerly intended to host the Malayan Golf Championship.

MGA today takes on many roles. They undertake all the events of amateur golf in Malaysia and hold membership in the Asia-Pacific Golf Confederation. They are also a member of the Olympic Council of Malaysia whilst having a voice in the International Golf Federation.

The MGA or Malaysian Golf Association is one of the most influential bodies in Malaysian golf. It is the agency that governs and promote the game of golf in the country for almost a decade now.

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