city golf simulator malaaysia

City Golf Simulator

Malaysia Indoor Golf Simulator at it's best! With players like Jordan Spieth and Tiger Woods endorsing the Full Swing Golf Simulator, it is hard to u

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Cobra King F6 Irons

Cobra King F6 Irons

Cobra King’s golf clubs are winners and this is no fluke. Their Cobra King F6 Irons would surely be one of the most impressive irons in 2019 mainly be

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Golf Training Aids

In this digital age, there are more than enough help (or aid) to help you with almost anything. While golf is known to be a very technical game with l

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Bushnell Neo Ghost Mini GPS

It makes a lot of difference to have a rangefinder when you are playing golf and the Bushnell Neo Ghost is one that you must not go without! This wear

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rescue and hybrids malaysia

Rescue and Hybrid Clubs

As a golfer, you should know by now that you do not use just about any club for your game. In fact, you must know the exact usage of every club or iro

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Top 15 Drivers for 2019

An expensive club will guarantee good quality but it might not guarantee perfection. You need to get into more details if you want to perfect your swi

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The Top Putters 2019

Like any other iron in your bag of clubs, the putter is one that exude your character and how serious you are about your game. Each year, all the majo

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Types of Golf Shafts

If you have been playing golf for a while, you will notice a significant difference especially when you use different golf clubs with different shafts

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Wilson Staff D200 Irons

Priced below RM1,000, the Wilson Staff D200 could possibly be one of the most amazing and affordable irons in the market this year. The people at Wils

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