Golf Equipments

TaylorMade M2 Irons


Feel: Unlike other clubs in this class, you might not feel a poor hit which is mostly heard instead.

Look: This club is handsomely designed. It has that macho look to it which is slightly thicker than others.

Old School Iron with a might of steel

Price: At RM3,200 for the steel and another RM400 more for the graphite, this irons is a medium-ranged club that can be quite value-for-money.

Key Technologies: You will like its low and deep hits especially since it is very light through the undercut cavity and fluted hosel.

Playability: This irons gets you to hit the ball high. Perfect if you are those who like to give the ball more height than range.

Forgiveness: Read elsewhere and you get the feeling that the TaylorMade M2 is the epitome of forgiveness. It gives your ball the alignment it needs, even when you have a poor hit.

Distance Control: You need to give the ball a full whack if you want to get good distance with this.

Cons: Perhaps the thickness can be quite boring. Colours are not its strongest points. If you aim for perfection in your shots, this might not be the best club for you.

Summary: At RM3,2000, this irons achieves what it was made for. It is a no-nonsense club that delivers. But it is slightly heavier though. The TaylorMade M2 Irons has that overall look which accords every golfer. It is old-school but in its own way a bit dull. You’d like the performance bit of the club and not its design because that would not be its strongest point here.