Worst Golf Clubs


It is hard to imagine that with so much technology and research carried out on the manufacturing of golf clubs, there are some which did not make the cut. While some just had performance issues, others were just badly designed for some strange reasons. Below are among those that make this list.

How were they rated?

It is not easy to fall into the worst clubs list since most clubs look similar and possibly designed to provide similar results. However, in evaluating how bad these clubs are, factors that were taken into consideration include the design, the pricing, how hittable they are and how they performed.

Odyssey 3 Ball Putter

One look at this club and it will surely raise any eyebrow. For some reason, they have decided to misplace the 3 white colored spheres in the middle (all aligned). It is both intriguing and mystifying at the same time. A putter is a putter. What is the point of having that strip of white spheres? Guess no one has an answer for that yet.

Cleveland VAS Irons 792

To a large extent, this is one ‘normal-looking’ club which has taken an abnormal turn. In terms of design, it is among the ugliest especially with the logo being cemented right smack in the middle of the head. The other downside about this club is in its performance which is among the most unhittable in this list as well. In fact, it is among the most unhittable clubs ever designed in the history of golf, EVER!

The Bullet Hollow Point Driver

In any case, this club is just a badly designed one. As far as anyone is concerned, this is one weird-looking club and the hole in the middle of the head just takes the cake. It is hard to imagine how anyone can play a normal game with this one.

Cobra Baffler Blade Irons

One look at this club gives you the impression that there really is nothing really wrong with it. But take a closer look and you will see more flaws than anything else. It remains as one of the most unhittable clubs ever designed.

The Alien Wedge

This is one of those clubs which you are not sure whether to use it or to put it back in the shelf for decoration. In fact better still, just keep it away from human contact. The thought of having a design so futuristic might be noble but to have it long before its time is just plain clueless. Why and how this came around, that is still anyone’s guess.

Yonex Graphite Driver

As far as drivers go, this is one classic case of not getting it right. The Yonex ADX Driver was introduced more than 20 years ago when it did not go very well for being oversized which means it is quite difficult to get a good hit. Unfortunately, that is still the reality to the present day. Yonex should just stick to what they do best and that is not Golf.

The Hammer Driver

This is yet another club that gives the designers a bad name. it is as if they have decided to come out with a revolutionary design without having to think of the consequences. Somewhere, someone has forgotten that function should override form when it comes to golf. But in this case, they have totally forgotten about function altogether.

Callaway Ely Would

The clubhead definitely looks odd. The Callaway Ely Would range would prove to be one of the worst clubs ever to come out from the renowned golf brand’s stable.

Nike Slingshot Irons

Nike might have created some bad products and designed some terrible equipment in the past, but this is just one of those that make its mark among the worst. Being associated with top golfers is one thing, but to sell something as bad as the Nike Slingshot Irons might not be very nice. Golfers like Tiger Woods after all just use clubs with the Nike emblem but he is actually using a Miura. With a club like this one, it is no wonder golfers do not mind being seen with Nike equipment but would play something else underneath.

Cobra Tricep Putter

It is extremely peculiar that there are so many brands that like to fiddle with the putter. This is one of those that really turns putting into a joke. The oversized club head is an eyesore as much as it is pain to play with. Somehow, it is quite difficult to imagine why top brands like Cobra would take a risk like this that would damage their reputation and cult following.

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