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Gone are the days when golfers can just play the game as and when there are slots available and whenever the weather permitted (or not). These days, playing golf is getting a bit more challenging as people have gotten used to being indoors and the rising popularity of golf simulators for homes.

Changes since COVID-19

Since the COVID-19 pandemic hit the world, it has totally changed the way golfers play. The lockdowns were very restrictive and were a pain for golfers being stuck indoors for long periods of time.

With the lockdown now a distant memory, golfers are fast hitting back the greens and driving ranges. That said, it does not mean every golfer is confident about heading out fearing close contact and issues of social distancing.

Introduction Deemples, the answer to these issues

Deemples was founded by David Wong who wanted to create a mobile application that can connect golfers. This would be made available in neighboring countries of Malaysia like Indonesia, The Philippines, Singapore, Brunei, Australia and Malaysia.

Overall, Deemples is very fondly called the ‘Uber for Golfers’ and that is how it is designed to be.
Typically, you can use Deemples to find golf partners at a certain stipulated time.

From vision to reality

The idea behind Deemples came from a problem that prompted Davide to solve. It all began with looking for someone to enjoy the game of golf.

According to David, this would subsequently drive more golfers to come out and play again. When groups of golfers are connected with each other to play a game of golf, it changes the way they play because they no longer are at the mercy of the golf courses.

Deemples allow the golfers to not only play with their own friends but also to make new ones or golf buddies and also to find new ones.

Golf is after all a game for networking and expanding this reach will surely widen your social circle.

Using and enjoying the app

Offered to every golfer out there, the mobile application is available for download via the iPhone app store and Android’s Google Play.

Using Deemples is very straightforward. Being one of the fastest-growing golf apps in Southeast Asia, all you need to do is to download and then proceed to the game. You can join available games (from those looking for golf partners) or you can also design your own games (inviting interested golfers).

If you understand the concept of Tinder or Uber, you would very much understand Deemples.
The first steps would be to download, register and then set the time and place. Then you will invite interested parties to join your game.

After that, you can make your reservations with the golf course concerned. From there, the time and place are set.

This is one app that will expedite the booking and reservation process, improving the planning of the game.

The most exciting part of using Deemples is that you no longer are limited to the same group of golfers each time you hit the greens. You can now meet new people which will surely benefit your social and golf circle.

Because you are adding on to the data that Deemples is collecting with many others, there is a collection of useful information that will benefit everyone in the game when using the app.

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