Golf Academies in Malaysia and what each of them offers to help improve your game


Golf academies around Malaysia offer you a great platform to learn the game or to improve on your game. While you can always get a golf coach to help you learn the basics, these academies could help elevate your game to a whole new level. Located at some of the prime golf courses across the country, you can learn this game through experienced golfers, instructors and even professional players too.

What to expect from Golf academies?

One thing for sure, the golf academies provide you with golf lessons to start you swinging in no time. Starting from the basics and fundamentals, you will learn from the best instructors to help you pick up this sport. Meanwhile, the more seasoned golfers will enjoy improvement lessons to help you with areas that you are weak in. Below are some of the golf academies operating across Malaysia.

MST Golf Academy

Backed by one of the top Malaysian names in golf, MST Golf Academy offers classes at the TPC in the capital of Kuala Lumpur. This would be one of the most reputable names you can trust in learning the game as you will be coached by players with proven track records. In fact, MST Golf Academy offers one of the most structured and systematic golf classes not only within Malaysia but across the surrounding regions as well. Instructors are both local and foreign and they can teach you the game at any level. Among what you can expect from MST Golf Academy include:

  • Classes for children (Junior)
  • Individual or Group classes
  • Flexible learning time
  • Customized lessons for corporate

K’s Island Golf Academy

Located in Publika Kuala Lumpur, this academy opened its doors back in 2012 and has not looked back since. An indoor facility means that you need not have to worry about sweating and the heat. What you can expect from K’s Island Golf Academy is that you get to enjoy state-of-the-art simulation machines that will help you perfect your swings. This is lifestyle golf at its best. Children get to hang out in the playing rooms so that they can enjoy learning the game. In fact, they even have classes for children here. When you learn to play here, you enjoy free use of golf equipment while the GC2 golf simulation system gives you analytics of your game. As such, you get extremely accurate feedback from your game.

  • 25-feet artificial putting green
  • Visual feedback from video analysis equipment
  • Practice and 9-hole or 18-hole lessons at Saujana Golf & Country Club and the Tropicana Golf & Country Resort
  • Group or individual classes available
  • Qualified professionals from around the world (including Japan and England)

JNG Golf Academy and Fitting Studio

The JNG Golf Academy and Fitting Studio provides golf lessons for anyone at any age. You can be assured of the best classes as they have golf professionals from across the world including the United Kingdom, Japan, Australia and locally from Malaysia as well. These professionals bring with them many years of experience having played in some of the top tournaments across the world. Starters will enjoy the basics of the game through JNG’s own ‘Introduction to Golf’ and ‘Take it to the Course’ lessons. For those who more seasoned, the ‘Improving Golfer Program’ would be the best class to take. Meanwhile, they offer the Elite Clinics taught by Tony Maloney, a former Malaysian PGA Champion. Children will also get to pick up the game as they get to learn through the JNG Junior Golf Academy.

The Els Performance Golf Academy

The Els Performance Golf Academy is perhaps one of the most unique golf academies not only within Malaysia but across the Asian region. You can take classes through either one of the 2 courses (Ocean or Valley). This is the best place to learn the right way in playing golf. As such, you get to learn from PGA-qualified coaches as well as using high-technology equipment.

The ONE Professional Golf Academy

Located at the Monterez Golf Country Club in Shah Alam is the ONE Professional Golf Academy. This academy offers you the place to learn the game of golf at any time of the year, at your own pace. Lessons offered here are not only for the adults but they do offer junior classes as well. You can have a class that is optimized and customized to suit your needs. This means that you can be an absolute beginner and then chart your progress at this school. The team has 5 professional and fully qualified coaches to help you learn your game.

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