Amazing things made in China you might not know about


China manufacturers have always been producing some of the most cutting-edge and revolutionary products that are used in everyday life. Here are some of the coolest things that are made in China that you might not be aware of.

  • Color changing faucet – They come in 4 colors that change according to the water temperature. Red shows that it is scorching hot while blue is cold and it looks good for your bathroom too!
  • LG Pocket Photo Printer – This wireless printer is small enough to fit into your pocket or pouch. It connects via BlueTooth and is a great option to bring along if you want to print a picture you took on your smartphone or even a selfie. While LG is a Korean brand, this printer is fully made in China.
  • Selfie lamp – A ring light works wonders for your pictures and videos when you shoot them with your smartphone. This selfie lamp mounts onto your phone (so you can bring it along with you) and starts taking professional images immediately.
  • Plasma lighter – A great lighter that runs on electro impulse. It is windproof, looks good when you hold it and is almost maintenance-free because you charge it via a USB cable. One charge lasts you up to 10 days.
  • Storm Glass  –  This device might not match the millions of dollars in AI systems in predicting the weather but it is good enough to keep one around the house. It predicts changes in the weather according to the temperature change. Clearwater here indicates clear skies while snowy water indicates heavy rain coming. It beats the weather reports on TV for sure.
  • Runaway alarm clock – This is what alarm clocks are meant to do. Once the alarm rings, it runs away. Hence, you have no Snooze option. By the time you catch up, you would have woken up.
  • Drawing robots and 3D Pen – This changes the way we learn art. The robot receives the image and draws it out on paper for you. The details that come with it are truly unbelievable. Meanwhile, you can use the 3D pen which will bring your images and products to life!
  • The second fastest computer in the world – Not many people know this but China makes the second fastest computer in the world with their Sunway Taihu Light supercomputer used for weather calculations and the pharmaceutical industry.
  • Water assault rifle – This gun looks every bit like a real one and shoots out 4 rounds of water bullets per second. It makes for a great game of paintball but with water instead of ink bullets.
  • Robot chef – This is one of the most revolutionary restaurants which is almost entirely operated by a Robotic team. That includes cooking, taking orders and payment.
  • Smog eating towers – China has some of the most polluted cities in the world and they have now made towers that are designed to suck in smog in public. They can circulate up to 30,000 meters of cubic air per hour.
  • Wi-Fi enabled toilets – This is long overdue with toilets that give you free Wi-Fi. The only issue is, how long would someone stay in there?
  • Body fat fridge magnet – This looks like an ounce of fatty tissue which is designed to deter you from taking too much food. A great option for those going on a diet.
  • Interactive money box – This is a friendly device that encourages you to save money. There are those with cartoonish human faces and ‘chews’ the money when you put them near. They are motion-activated.
  • One-wheeled skateboard – Comes with a 500w engine and beautiful LED lights. It will change the whole skateboarding industry if this goes mainstream.

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