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Hot FM

Managed and operated by Syncrosound Studio Sdn Bhd, Hot FM is one of the prominent radio stations in Malaysia. Its slogan is ‘Muzik Paling Hangat’

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BFM 89.9

BFM 89.9 is one of the radio stations which is aired in Malaysia and over the internet. Among all the radio stations that can be

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TraXX FM is one of the most established radio stations in Malaysia. It’s slogan is ‘Travel N Music’ where it was formerly the very popular

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Minnal FM

Minnal FM is an Indian language radio station in Malaysia. It has one of the oldest histories among all other radio stations in the country.

Read More » is often regarded to be one of the most prominent radio stations in Malaysia which has changed the music industry since it was launched.

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Fly FM

Many English Language radio stations have surfaced in Malaysia, targeting listeners from all walks of live particularly in the urban areas. One of the recent

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