Malaysia Golf Courses

Awana Golf and Country Club

For the avid golfer who prefers to play their game without the scorching heat of the city centre would opt for the highlands. These are the places where once can go and enjoy the golfing in the hillside sceneries and cool temperature.

Golf Course in Genting Highlands

One of the prominent Golf Courses that are located among the highlands is the Awana Golf and Country Club. Situated along the hillside to the very famous Genting Highlands, this resort provides an 18 hole golf course that lies about 1,200 metres above sea level. One would normally come here to experience a golfing experience with the cool breeze blowing through all day.

The PGA-standardised golf course, which is listed as one of the top hundred Golf Courses in this region, was awarded ‘the most scenic golf course during the 1990s by the Malaysian PGA. Covered by mainly pine trees that gives the golfer a continental Europe aura, the Ronald Fream designed golf course provides great scenic views for the nature lover as well.

At the resort, there is also an 18-hole par-50 metre mini golf course. This of course is less competitive, for the relaxation seeking golfer and for novices who are seeking to try this out. With services provided like caddies, clubs and club rentals, the resort basically caters to both professionals and novices.
One good thing about Awana Golf Club is that, as much as it is golf-oriented, the abiding facilities are abundant and one can choose to relax by the swimming pool or the Jacuzzi after a long day at the greens. Apart from that, getting to Awana is easy via the expressway that leads to Genting Highlands.