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Kudat Golf Club


The Kudat Golf and Marina Resort are home to the Kudat Golf Club. It is actually acknowledged to be the oldest golf club in the East Malaysian state of Sabah. Playing golf in Sabah can be a very satisfying experience as it has the seas, the highlands, the cities and the islands.

However, not every golf course has the exclusivity and luxury like Kudat Golf Club where there is a world-class marina resort with the best facilities available. Here at the Kudat Golf Club is where tradition meets the future and the mixture of both these elements will surely make playing golf here unforgettable.

Preferred Golf Course in Sabah

The Kudat Golf Club was established in 1906 and with more than a century’s history in offering world-class golfing facilities, it is one of the most preferred golfing destinations in the region. The club’s first nine-hole golf course was naturally wooded with its own obstacles and challenges. This was known as the Second Nines when the club upgraded the course to add a new Nine in 2002. The new Nines is known as the First Nines that overlooks the Marudu Bay which can be very breathtaking. Unlike the Second Nines which is engulfed within roads and houses, the First Nines has more natural elements like water Hazards, trees and bunkers.

The Kudat Golf Club offers a broad range of facilities to make the game more enjoyable that include putting green for practicing, a driving range for the swing, electronic buggies and a Pro Shop for all golfing supplies and equipment.

Kudat Golf and Marina Resort
Off Jalan Urus Setia
89057 Kudat
Tel: 088-611211