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Seremban International Golf Club


The Seremban International Golf Club is one of the most prestigious golf clubs in the state of Negeri Sembilan. It is among the many available options in the state offering state-of-the-art facilities and an excellent place to enjoy the game of golf for amateur and professional golfers alike. This includes a great view of the outdoors and standard golfing facilities catered for the comfort and convenience of the visitors to the club.

As the premier golf club in the state, the Seremban International Golf Club is an 18-hole international golf course and is one of the most established clubs here. With more than 57 years of experience in this industry, it has played host to some very reputable tournaments while renowned golfers like Vijay Singh, Robert Allenby and many others have played here previously.

Officiated in 1952, the Seremban International Golf Club was previously used as the venue for the Dunlop Malaysian Masters and the TDC Tour Legs, among others while the Negeri Sembilan Amateur Open and the Malaysia Games were held here as well.

The layout of the course was the work of British planter Eric Eno who designed a 6-hole course with another 3 holes being added on later on. This will then be added to complete the 18-hole course as demand for the game grew while the club becomes more popular among golfers. Today, the Seremban International Golf Club is home to some of the most challenging courses around here and golfers will need to try and navigate pass the many obstacles, fairways, bunkers and trees which can be truly enjoyable and fulfilling.

Seremban International Gold Club (SIGC)
3 1/4 Miles Kuala Pilah Road,
PO Box 88,
70710 Negeri Sembilan
Tel: 06-677 5787