Malaysia Golf Courses

Sutera Harbour Golf and Country Club


Malaysia is one of the country that houses a lot of beaches and islands. In fact, Malaysia hosts a series of top beaches and islands around the world. While it is always nice and breezy by the seaside, strong winds often make golfing in these locations more challenging depending on the season and the time of the year. Whichever way one sees it, playing golf by the sea still offers a great experience via its tranquility and the rare chance of being away from cars and machines. One of the most renown one Sutera Harbour Gold and Country Club.

Located by the seaside along Kota Kinabalu town in Sabah, it is inside the resort which consists of world class facilities and services. The 27-hole golf course here is the one of the most sought after in and out of the country. Designed by Graham Marsh, the resort is built on reclaim land among tow main complexes, the Pacific Sutera, a 500-room, 11-story tower and the Sutera Magellan, a 456-room complex hotel.

The Sutera Harbour golf course is divided into 3 courses depending on the difficulty. The Lakes which is located beside the clubhouse are holes 1 to 9, while holes 10th to 18th is known as Heritage. Adjacent to the Sutera Pacific are holes 19th to 27th named Garden. Sutera Harbour is the only golf course in East Malaysia that allows night golfing.

The Garden is located next to the deep blue ocean, providing the golfer with a great view while enjoying the sea breeze. There are other facilities by the golf course like the teahouse that serves both local and international cuisine, the clubhouse and swimming pools.