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Taiping Golf Resort

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Taiping is known to be one of the most peaceful towns in Malaysia. The name of the town suggests that because it means ‘Peace’ in Chinese. Strategically situated within the state of Perak, Taiping is the wettest town in the country which is known for its rain and often cooling breezes.

Due to this, Taiping is a great golfing destination although one might have to be wary of rain that could occur at the strangest times. In the town is the Taiping Golf Resort which is a great place for a getaway and a game of golf.

Include full club facilities and a driving range

This 3-star golf resort offers a rewarding golfing experience for anyone who likes the peace and tranquility of the town and the cooling weather here. Located at the foothills around the town here, it has one of the best scenic landscapes with rich flora and fauna.

Previously known as the Bukit Jana Golf & Country Club, the Taiping Golf Resort has one of the most spectacular sights that overlook the hilly areas of the town. Apart from the 18-hole golf course, there is something for everyone that includes swimming pools, a driving range, tennis courts and a gymnasium for those who wants to workout.

For those who have spent the whole day under the sun and heat playing golf can take a break at the coffee house here which serves a broad range of local delights. There are electric buggies for rent as well as a Pro Shop for all golfing supplies and equipment.

Taiping Golf Resort
Jalan Bukit Jana, P.O. Box 4
34600 Kamunting
Taiping, Perak
Tel: 05 883 6700