Pulau Pangkor in Malaysia


Pangkor Island has the attraction and feels like a place that you do not want to leave once you get here. It has all you need or come to expect in an island getaway that keeps you in its space each time you visit. Hotels are aplenty here that includes names like Pangkor Coral Bay Apartment and Hotel Pangkor Mutiara, to name a few.

Budget Accommodation in Pangkor Island

From as low as RM40, you can very much get a roof over your head and a good night’s rest. This is where you will find places with basic facilities where some are quite convenient as well.

  1. Pangkor Guesthouse SPK – Rooms are comfortable and very homely environment. Rates here are from RM40 per night
  2. BestStay Hotel Pangkor Island – Rooms here are from RM65 per night where you get to be at the convenience o shops and other amenities
  3. Uptown Beach Resort Pangkor – One of the very popular places to stay here, you can enjoy a good night’s stay from RM80 per night. Comes with breakfast as well
  4. Hotel Pangkor Mutiara – Rooms are available for rent from as low as RM80 per night. It is not far from the main city center of the island

Mid-Range hotels

For something a bit more comfortable, mid-range hotels start from RM90 per night. This is where you will get larger rooms as well as more facilities. Some resorts are available for rent at this range as well. Among the options you can consider include:

  1. The Island Hotel – This hotel is slightly further out but it has a great view of the surroundings. Basic facilities and amenities from RM90 per night
  2. Budget Beach Resort – As the name implies, you get value for your money here. Room rates are about RM150 per night with free Wi-Fi and for a bit more, comes with breakfast
  3. Hotel Nelayan – Cheap and affordable hotel if you are looking for something simple and safe. For RM80, you get a good night’s sleep with your own privacy.
  4. Hornbill Pangkor Resort – This place has rooms available from RM100 per night. It is further out from the center but you will like its privacy and 3-star value
  5. Pangkor Fish House – For about RM120, you can stay here at this unique space with a very unusual name.
  6. Lot 10 Fun House – Typically, this is a hotel with very unique designs. Prices start from RM150 per night
  7. Wonderful Holiday Apartment – Homestay style apartment for you. It is quite convenient with nearby attractions. The entire unit is available for rent from RM160 per night
  8. Joe Fisherman Inn – A common favorite with foreigners, this place offer rooms from RM160 per night with breakfast
  9. Coral Bay Resort Pangkor – a great mid-value place to stay if you like to stay in and not wander too far out. Prices are about RM170 per night with very good in-house facilities
  10. Puteri Bayu Beach Resort – Perhaps one of the most established names here, you get to stay from as low as RM170 per night. Usually comes with breakfast

Top-range hotels and homestay

The more expensive hotels are those that come with in-house facilities which you will enjoy without having to leave the premises.

  1. Rumah Rehat Kerajaan Negeri – Prices are from RM200 per night. Its quite a nice place not far from the nearby attractions
  2. Island Station Homestay – For RM450, you get the whole unit which is great if you are here with a group of friends or family
  3. Coraybay Resort – One of the luxurious places to stay in, this is where you get to enjoy the in-house entertainment and services from RM450 a night
  4. Pangkor Coral Bay Resort Apartment – This place is nice if you like a homely environment in a modern styled living. The entire unit with 3 rooms are available for rent from RM250 onwards

Top Pick

Pur Top Pick would be at Joe Fisherman Inn which is a great and convenient place. This is very value-for-money as you are not far from the happening places while enjoying the sun, sea and sand.

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