Malaysian Golf Tournaments

What to look out for in the Malaysian golf scene this year(2016)

If you are Malaysian golfer and would like to stack your skills with others, then you might want to pay attention to the fixtures by the MGA (Malaysian Golf Association) for this year. Generally, these are for Malaysian amateurs which mean that you will not be going up against the pros yet. But that does not mean that our amateur golfers are any bad. In fact they are pretty good with their trade so unless you are up for the game, you would have to have some special skills to hone it against them.

Malaysian Amateur Open 2016

For starters, come May there is the 109th Malaysian Amateur Open while the Malaysian International Junior Masters for the Prime Minister’s Cup will be held at the end of September. This will also coincide with the 2nd Malaysia International Golf Fair 2011. The 45th Malaysian Amateur Closed tournament for men and ladies is scheduled for April 5 to 7 while the TSM Golf Challenge will take place in June. On top of that, there would also be the State level Amateur Opens which will be running around the year. so keep your calendars open and join in the game. Apart from overseeing all the golf events, MGA will also be involved in the Malaysian Open set to take place around April. This would be the biggest event of the year so take note.