Malaysian Golf Tournaments

The President Challenge Trophies

President Challenge pit golfers from the Peninsular and East Malaysia up against each other. Two teams will be formed between the golfers of each part of the country to find the better among them. This team event is a widely anticipated tournament among the Malaysian golfers where there will be 2 trophies up for the challenge with the Thomas Lee Trophy for the Men’s category and the Ladies’ event will be competing for the Robin Loh Trophy.
The tournament is held in the mid of every year at A’ Famosa Golf Resort, Melaka.

From the founder of Malaysian Golf Association

The President’s Challenge was the brainchild of YBhg Dato Thomas M.L. Lee who was a former President of Malaysian Golf Association. He came up with the idea in 2003 where he thought that such a tournament would be healthy and good in bridging better ties and relationships between aspiring golfers from the east and west of Malaysia.

He donated the trophy which was named after him. Ybhg Datuk Robin Loh, the current president of MGA as of 2011 then extended the tournament to include the Ladies where he donated a trophy thereby calling it the Robin Loh Trophy. This category started in 2009.

The Challenge is held on an annual basis where it rotates around the country. In 2003, it was held in Tiara Melaka GCC while Sarawak Golf Club hosted the event a year later. It then moved to Sabah at Sutera Harbour GCC before going over to Orna Golf & Country Club. 2007 saw the tournament heading back to Sarawak Golf Club and then it was off to neighbours Nexus Karambunai Golf Resort a year later. 2010’s edition was at Kelab Golf Sarawak and this year it comes to the peninsular at A’Famosa.

The tournament would be played between 2 teams (one from Peninsular and one from East Malaysia) which will have eight male and eight female players each. In the team, two of each team must be junior golfers who are below 18 years of age.