Types of Golf Shafts

Types of Golf Shafts

If you have been playing golf for a while, you will notice a significant difference especially when you use different golf clubs with different shafts. This part of the golf club is extremely important as it helps you in improving your game in many ways. To know what shafts can do, you must first know the 5 different types that are made.

Knowing the shaft

The golf shaft is basically the most prominently seen part of the club. It is the connection between the club head and the part where you place your grip onto. In other words, the shaft is the tapered tube which is long and in most cases, quite straight. In most cases, they are usually made from either graphite or steel as they need to be very strong. Below are the different types of shafts that are available but before that, here are some pointers that you should know:

  • Steel shafts are stronger than graphite ones
  • Steel shafts are not as forgiving as compared to graphite
  • Naturally, graphite shafts are lighter so they help in improving the swing speed
  • Stiffer shafts will give you faster speed

Extra Stiff Shafts

If you refer to the flex scale, Extra Stiff shafts are categorized ‘X’. This type of shaft is good for those long-hitter golfers. In fact, if you always go for over 260 yards in your hits, then you should go for the ‘X’. In most cases, extra stiff shafts are mostly made of steel. Those who are looking for fast swings (mostly the professionals) would love the ‘X’ shafts.

Stiff Shafts

If you are looking for a club which gives you slightly slower hits, then the Stiff shaft would be ideal. Categorized as ‘S’ in the flex chart, you would typically be looking to hit the ball between 240 and 260 yards (slightly slower than the ‘X’ shaft). Those who have high clubhead speed about 10 to 15 handicap will like this while it would be good for those in the one-digit handicaps. You might not have a super-fast swing with this one as the shaft is commonly made either from graphite or steel (which is heavier).

Regular Shafts

This would be the most popular type of shafts around. As the name implies, it would naturally be as normal as it sounds. Categorized at ‘R’ on the flex chart, golfers with normal swing speeds, usually between 75 and 84mph would most likely use this shaft. Besides that, this shaft is meant for those who go for about 210 to 240 yards in their drive. This shaft is most popular among those in the middle-level handicaps. The shaft is commonly made from both materials (graphite and steel).

Senior Shafts

Among the many different types of shafts, Senior shafts would be among the lowest in the competition level. It is categorized as ‘A’ in the flex chart. Senior shafts are good for the older golfers who have high swing speeds. In some designations, the Senior Shaft is categorized as ‘A-Flex’. A lot of clubs in this category is made from graphite which explains why it is so light. Apart from that, you actually get between 180 and 210 yards with this swing and would be perfect for those who like a more leisure game.

Ladies Shafts

This would be the slowest shaft you can find and it has nothing to do with being ‘ladies’. It is categorized as ‘L’ on the flex chart and this is meant for those whoa re hitting about 60mph or less. This shaft will not give you the type of distance that the others do which means it is perfect for the older golfers. Because of that, they are mostly made of graphite so that they can be lighter which means it is easier on the weight for the golfer.

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