Golf Game Rules

Golf Game rules are the most complicated among all sports
Ever wondered if an 18-hole golf course is actually made up of 18 holes? What does it actually mean and how do you win the game really? Our Game Rules section outlines and describe in detail all you need to know about playing the game of golf.
Terms & Jargons
You can find out about the terms and keywords used in golf like handicaps, greens, tees, bogeys, eagles and birdies here. Specially written to be easy to read and understand, we might not make you a professional golfer immediately, but we can surely get you started to like the game.

After all, how can you expect to enjoy the game of golf if you do not know the rules? The main rules of golf are explained here while you can find out about what the guidelines are getting out of hazards, sand bunkers and many others to give you a crystal clear picture of this game.

What is Par?

In simple terms, Par refers to the number of strokes a golfer is expected to finish the game. This could be in terms of a

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Handicaps in golf

The term handicap is the most important rule in the game of golf. It is to measure the potential playing ability of the golfer. This

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