What is Par?

In simple terms, Par refers to the number of strokes a golfer is expected to finish the game. This could be in terms of a single hole or all the holes

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malaysia golf rules

A guide to the rules of golf

Golfing has a very unique game play when compared with other types of sport. Where most sports require the player to compete against another, a golfer

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malaysia 18 hole

What does 18-hole means?

If you haven’t already know by now, Golf Courses are commonly depicted in terms of holes. In fact, a golf course’s prestige and standard is often defi

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malaysia hazards


The term hazard in golf refers an area or location in the golf course that provides the obstacle for the golfer to complete a hole. Each golf course i

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malaysia putting green

The Green

The putting green is commonly known simply as 'the green'. It is referred to as the location where the specific hole is located. All Golf Courses come

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Teeing rules and devices

Teeing is an important part of the golf game. Previously, teeing the ball was done from a small mound of sand. This was when the golfer only need to f

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Handicaps in golf

The term handicap is the most important rule in the game of golf. It is to measure the potential playing ability of the golfer. This is derived based

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