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Golf tournaments are huge events in the golfing circuit. At every point of the calendar year, there is bound to have a golf tournament being held. This can be in the local, regional or global rounds. This is simply because golf is one of the most popular sports around, loved by many, watched by millions and appreciated around the world.

Why Golf Tournaments?

For starters, golf is a game that is no longer just confined to corporate executives or professionals. It is a game that is now being played by the younger generation as well. In the last decade, there has been a sharp increase in players from 15 years old. This means that the game is gaining a lot of media attention. It has increased traction and is now being watched and appreciated by people around the teenage years.
In other words, golf tournaments will have a lot of visibility when it comes to advertising. Like every other type of sports like football and basketball, advertising in tournaments will give your campaign or brand image a lot of views to your target market.

What do we do?

Our expertise is in golf-related advertising and promotion. We have worked closely with top brands in advertising in the golf arena. One of our core specialized areas is in golf tournaments.

What can we offer you?

Your objective in golf tournaments is simple. Maximum eyeballs to your target market. That is all that matters when you are spending on advertising. Because of this, we know just the right type of tournaments for you. There are hundreds of golf tournaments being held each year and we are in contact with all the organizers of these events. We have special access to the media spaces in such events.

  • Planned Tournaments – We can help you to leverage on the tournaments that are organized throughout the year. You can be an advertiser, an event sponsor, supporting advertiser or any other related contributor
  • Customized tournaments – We can work with you to customize a golf tournament of your choice. Whether it is for your corporate clients or for the general public, we can help you to organize the game from ideation to completion. This gives you more control over the campaign and expenditure.
  • Media spaces – Whatever tournaments you decide to enter into, we will consult with you and brainstorm on which media space you can use. We will ensure that your ads get the exposure and eyeballs that they deserve.

Why use our services?

Simply because we are the best in the market and because we are the experts. No other agencies in the country have the experience and industry know-how the way that we do because we identified the potential of golf advertising from Day 1. We know that as an advertiser, your budget is very tight and you want to maximize every dollar spent. No matter how big or small your budget is but if it is a golf tournament you want do get involved in, then we have the platform to help you reach your customers. As long as you know what golf tournaments can give your brand profile, we will know what messaging you can venture into. As long as you have the intention, we have the actions.

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