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Top 10 Malaysian Golfers


Golf in Malaysia has often attracted a lot of interest among the locals. While there are many tournaments and circuits around the world, Malaysian golfers have yet to make it to the international arena with much success. However, over the past decade, golfing in Malaysia has been growing in popularity where international tournaments like the Maybank Malaysian Open has attracted some top names to play in some of the top Golf Courses in the region.

Malaysian Golf Ranking(unofficial)

At the same time, Malaysian golfers have been making a lot of progress in the regional and international circuits where some of them have moved up the rankings in their own way. Below are some of the top Malaysian golfers around the circuit today.

Danny Chia is perhaps one of the most seasoned Malaysian golfers in the circuit. He was the first Malaysian to play in the British Open or more fondly known as the Open Championship back in the days. Among all the Malaysian golfers, Danny has won the Taiwan Open where he was the first from the country to do so. He recently underwent a shoulder surgery and came back stronger than ever when he won the 2014, Northport Glenmarie Masters under the Asian Development Tour.

R. Nachimuthu – One of the newcomers to the list of top Malaysian golfers, R Nachimutu is fondly known as Mr Consistent by his peers. He has won 8 PGM titles to date in the country. His victory at the Kelantan Closed Championship was one of his most remarkable achievements while his more recent win was at the PGM Johor Championship in 2015.

Sukree Othman – Sukree represented Malaysia at the Doha Asian Games in 2006 and that would be some of his remarkable achievements. No stranger to the local circuit where he has won several competitions, he won the Perlis Classic in 2013 and the PGM Harvard Classic 2 years earlier. He previously participated in the Maybank Malaysian Open as well as the Selangor Masters while making good progress at the ASEAN PGA Melaka Championship.

Nicholas Fung – The Sabahan has been performing extremely well in recent years, putting him among the top in Malaysia. Started out at the age of 12, he played until 20 before becoming professional. In 2010, he took home the Mercedes-Benz Vietnam Masters while winning his second Asian Development Tour title in 2015.

Kemarol Baharin – A new addition to the list, Kemarol Baharin is a graduate of the prestigious Sekolah Sukan Bukit Jaliil. He was hailed as the Tiger Woods of Malaysia by some quarters and he does not disappoint where he has since won his third PGM title to add to this already illustrious record. As one of the youngest players in the local circuit, Kemarol has been widely regarded to be the one to watch by his rivals.

Arie Irawan – Arie is another newcomer to this list. He turned professional a few years back, the trained engineer has been rated as one of the most promising Malaysian golfers after finishing sixth in the Asian Development Tour. That gave him the ticket in 2015 to play in Asian Tour.

Shaaban Hussein – Shaaban Hussein might not be a renowned name but this will change in the golf circuit in the coming years. In 2011, he finished sixth at the prestigious Brunei Open while making significant progress at the Indonesian Masters as well.

Airil Rizman Zahari – This golfer has been playing in the Asian Tour as early as 2003 and it was only 4 years later that he won the tournament. He would then win the Asian Tour which makes him the second Malaysian to achieve this remarkable feat. Meanwhile, Airil has won 8 titles in the PGM circuit which is among the most in his class.

Wilson Choo Zhe Ming – Wilson started playing golf at the age of 9. He has been actively participating in tournaments ever since and in 2012, he won his first PGM Pahang Classic. Since the, he has been regarded to be one of the best players around where he then went on to win the PGM LADA Langkawi championship.

Kenneth De Silva – of the veteran golfers in Malaysia, Kenneth is no stranger to the regional circuit. He played the Maybank Malaysian Open in 2013, a year after he won his first title. In 2015, he took home the PGM Kinrara Closed Championship and is one of the most active golfers not only competitively but he professionally where he works with the Professional Golf of Malaysia.

Others in the top list of Malaysian Golfers

Gavin Kyle Green – Gavin is perhaps one of the most remarkable Malaysian golfers in recent years. He has been regarded as an emerging talent where he has played among the seasoned veterans and outperformed them as seen during the 2013 edition of the Maybank Malaysian Open in which he took home the top performer’s award. 

Ben Leong – He has been an active pro golfer for many years who won the 2006 Asian Tour qualifying school as well as the 2008 Worldwide Selangor Masters. Ben has had 3 professional wins in his career where as an amateur won the 2003 and 2005 Southeast Asia Amateur Championship, among his other successes.

Ainil Johani – Another top female golfer, Ainil has been very successful in the golfing circuit where she turned professional in 2000. Since then, she has been actively participating in tournaments where she has already won the 2013 Kenda Tire TLPGA Open, among other achievements.

Chua Tze Jean – Known among the golfing community as Jean Chua, she is one of the top female golfers in Malaysia. Jean has previously won the Thailand LPGA Open since going professional in 2009 and has been making inroads ever since. She went pro in 2009 and has been playing in major circuits ever since.

Kelly Tan – Kelly brings a lot of new and fresh perspective to Malaysian golf. She skipped the Myanmar SEA Games in 2011 and 2013 to focus on her effort to qualify for the LPAG tour that year. The Sime Dary Foundation Scholarship golfer studied at the IMG Academy in the US where she was previously one of the best achieved of the LPGA Sime Darby event.

Aretha Pan – Despite being quite new to the circuit, Aretha has achieved a lot more than many in the community. She won the SUKMA and turned pro in 2013. She joined the Ladies Asian Golf circuit where she finished 17th among the 100 players, which was one of the best results by any Malaysian golfer ever since. Won the bronze medal in the team comprising of Kelly Tan, she was the winner of the Malaysian Amateur Open 2011 for Ladies Division and many other tournaments as well.

Michelle Koh – Michelle has been making steady progress in the ladies circuit both locally and internationally where after winning several amateur tournaments went pro in 2014.

Rashid Ismail – He has won the 2005 Malaysian PGA Championship, the 2004 PFP Classic and 2002 Windsor Open in Thailand and many more in the country. Among the highlights of his career was when he qualified for the 2000 World Cup together with another Malaysian pro golfer, Danny Chia which was held in Argentina.

Iain Steel – Born in Sabah, Steel has played in tournaments like the 2013 Ballantine’s Taiwan Championship and the 2013 PGM Terengganu Masters. He is considered as one the most experienced players in Malaysia in which he has played in the PGA and Nike Tour previously.