Terms used for golf clubs

Modern technology has changed the way you play golf altogether. In fact, there are so many aspects to the golf club that you must know or learn before

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Golf Academies Malaysia

Golf academies around Malaysia offer you a great platform to learn the game or to improve on your game. Located at some of the prime golf courses acro

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Tips for the Golf Amateur

By the time you read this, you would probably know the benefits of playing golf. You would have read about how it helps with improving your health whi

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Rules for Clubs

When it comes to golf clubs, you need to ensure that you are certain types of clubs especially if you are playing in competitions. It must be noted th

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Golf Rules – The Ball

Like any other sport, the ball used in golf must conform to the rules issued by the USGA when used in competitions. The rule of thumb here is that if

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Types of Golf Courses

To understand the various types of Golf Courses, you will need to see them in terms of who can play at which course, the size and the design of the co

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