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With a fleet of over 10,000 taxis, ComfortDelGro’s Comfort taxis form the largest player in Singapore’s taxi industry.

Our service philosophy of providing excellent and fuss-free transport services to commuters has led us to be a pioneer in innovation with many firsts to our name. This includes being the first taxi company in Singapore to provide toll-free Dial-A-Cab service. Today, our Customer Contact Centre uses the state-of-the-art General Radio Packet System or GPRS to match taxi bookings and cater to over 17 million booking jobs annually.

We are committed to developing innovative transport solutions across our operations and making every trip an enjoyable experience for commuters.

Comfort Transportation Pte Ltd
Established in 1970, Comfort Transportation was then known as the Workers’ Co-operative Commonwealth for Transport Limited with the aim to provide taxi drivers with a profession and better life.

From its humble beginnings of 1,000 Morris Oxford taxis, Comfort Transportation has grown to become Singapore’s largest taxi operator with a fleet of over 10,000 taxis. Comfort Transportation commands 53% of the local taxi market, and is reputed for its innovative services. With safety as one of Comfort’s top priority, more than half of our taxi fleet are under three years.

Besides our operations in Singapore, Comfort Transportation also has a 15% equity stake in Transportation High Tech, Inc (THT), a Taiwan-registered company that operates a taxi call centre in Taipei.

Our Vision
To be the preferred land transport provider with best-in-class services that lead the market.

Our Mission
To provide 24-hours a day, seven-days a week, point-to-point transportation to commuters with helpful
drivers, safe and reliable vehicles and supported by friendly staff.

We aim to fulfill our mission by training our drivers and staff, harnessing the latest technologies, building
on operational excellence and providing an environment where quality services and continuous improvement
are encouraged and rewarded.

Logo Rationale – Comfort Transportation Pte Ltd
The stylised red “C” and the orange speed-line are reminiscent of the Comfort Customer Contact Centre satellite, which is the world’s first automated taxi-despatching system. They also symbolise Comfort Transportation’s innovative and forward movement. The word “Comfort” has been italicised to project a dynamic company with a mission to provide better service.

Handicare Cab Service

As a responsible corporate citizen, Comfort believes in sharing our success with the community in which we operate. We are committed to making a difference in the lives of the disabled, the aged and needy, and have contributed our resources to various welfare initiatives including:

ComfortDelGro sets a side an annual amount of funds in support of the Handicare Cab Service to ensure our taxi services are affordable and available to the physically challenged. ComfortDelGro has pledged to support the Handicare Cab Scheme to ensure that our services are made affordable and available to the physically challenged.

Road Courtesy Campaign
Comfort recognises the need to promote road courtesy behaviour amongst our drivers and other motorists. We supported the Traffic Police’s Anti-Drink Drive campaign from 1996 to 2001 and have been the anchor sponsor for its Road Courtesy Campaign since 2002. In 2006, 10 Comfort and CityCab taxis carried the road courtesy message for three months. In addition, 10 of our drivers with impeccable service and accident-free records were also selected as spotters to help the Traffic Police spot courteous motorists during the campaign.

Dial-A-Cab (65) 6552 1111
SMS Taxi Booking 71222
Limousine Taxi Service

Corporate Enquiries
(65) 6552 2828
(65) 6550 8689
(65) 6550 8625
Drink Jockey Service (65) 6552 0700
Handicare Cab Service

Registration with the Handicaps Welfare Association
(65) 6254 3006
(65) 6552 1111
Feedback/Enquiry on Taxi Service / Feedback on Taxi Bookings (65) 6552 4525
Lost and Found


Under the new requirement by Land Transport Authority, all recovered properties found on board ComfortDelGro taxis will be kept for three months. If unclaimed within three months, these items will be donated to The Salvation Army/The Red Cross.

Press Release

4 January 2007 – A stronger economy, an improved taxi booking system and one of the wettest
weathers in recent years resulted in a record number of call bookings for ComfortDelGro taxis last
In all, over 17 million taxi bookings were received for Comfort, CityCab and Yellow-Top taxis in
2006 – 20% more than in 2005.The highest numbers of calls were received on 28 April 2006. The 76,500 calls which were booked
that Friday was 53% more than the usual average of 50,000. The month of May was the busiest
with more than 1.6 million calls received – 14% more than the monthly average for the year.

ComfortDelGro’s taxi booking system is the most advanced in Singapore, relying on wireless
satellite technology to locate vehicles and cut down on waiting time. On average, commuters who
call in the system wait 30 seconds for a taxi number and are picked up within 6 minutes of the
confirmation. But demand during peak periods and rainy days usually surges. As a result, some
commuters may have had to wait longer than usual for a taxi.

For this, Mr Yang Ban Seng, Chief Executive Officer of ComfortDelGro’s Taxi Business, said: “We
constantly review and fine-tune our booking system to find ways to cater to more calls. This is
because when it comes to bookings, success begets more success. Callers who can get a cab
easily will want to call again the next time they need a cab. It is particularly challenging during
surges in demand, especially during wet weather. We have continued to maintain a high catered
rate of 93% in the last few days despite the heavy rain.”

Current booking fees during off-peak hours are $2.50 while the peak period booking charge is $4.
Peak hours are classified as 7am–9.30am, and 5pm–11pm on weekdays. All other times, including
weekends and public holidays, are classified as off-peak.
205 Braddell Road Singapore 579701

ComfortDelGro is the world’s second largest land transport company with a total fleet size of
40,000 buses, taxis and rental vehicles. Headquartered in Singapore, the Group also has
operations in China, the United Kingdom, Ireland, Australia, Vietnam and Malaysia. Currently,
overseas ventures account for 44% of Group revenue. The Group intends to derive half of its total
revenue from abroad in the next three to five years.

Comfort Bags Intelligent20 Award

SpeedCall, Comfort’s automated taxi booking mode which was introduced this year, has won the prestigious Intelligent20 Award. Comfort is the first taxi operator in the region to have been so recognized since the annual award was launched in 2000.

Mr John Lee, Chief Operating Officer of Comfort Transportation and Yellow-Top Cab, said: “We are delighted to have been selected to receive this award as it is a recognition of Comfort’s commitment to innovations in order to better serve the taxi drivers and members of the public.”

“Technology plays an ever-important role in Comfort’s day-to-day operations especially in light of increasing competition. This is also in line with Comfort’s long-term strategic plan to leverage on technology so as to improve the effectiveness and efficiency at which Comfort is able to provide exceptional customer service,” Mr Lee added.

Organised by Intelligent Enterprise Asia, the awards are presented annually to Asia’s top 20 companies that use IT to drive new levels of operational excellence, customer service and innovation. The 4th annual Intelligent20 Awards received a total of 55 entries from countries including Australia, China, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam. The winners were selected by an independent panel of judges from six leading IT research and management consulting firms, namely Atos Origin Asean, Deloitte Consulting, Frost & Sullivan, IDC Asia-Pacific, KPMG and Meta Group.

By tapping onto the text-to-speech technology to develop SpeedCall, Comfort has quickened the taxi booking process and made it friendlier for its customers. Repeat customers bypass call centre operators when booking a Comfort taxi via its Dial-A-Cab hotline at (65) 6552 1111. Comfort’s data mapping technology automatically identifies the call if it is a repeat call booking by instantaneously tracking the caller based on his telephone number. SpeedCall activates a voice that announces the pick-up address electronically to the caller for confirmation and a Comfort taxi will be matched to the call.

With SpeedCall, Comfort is able to successfully match a taxi to a booking request under 25 seconds, which is half the time taken compared to an operator-assisted call booking. While it translates to less waiting time for customers, a faster turnaround for Comfort to despatch the next booking job and manpower costs savings of about $430,000 per annum, it also means more automated booking jobs for drivers, especially during peak hours.

“As the organiser of Intelligent20 Awards, we found it remarkable that SpeedCall was in operational use within four months of the project commencement. The in-house team was able to develop the system at a cost that is 75% less than the outsourcing alternative. Comfort is highly successful not only in Singapore but in China, and is an outstanding example of this region’s ability to foster innovation and new technology to help drive business and customer service,” says Raymond Tan, Group Associate Publisher, CMP Business Media.

In September 2003, Comfort had also won the inaugural MIS Innovation Awards for both the Customer Relationship Management and Storage categories. In addition to being the first taxi operator in the region to have been presented with these awards, it was also the only organization to have won more than one award for different categories. Organised by MIS Asia, the awards are presented to companies that demonstrate innovation and vision in how they use IT. The judging criteria covered IT’s proven organisational value, innovation, value to customers and employees, and financial benefits. More than 75 organisations sent in over 90 nominations for this year’s awards covering 10 different categories. The winners were selected by an independent panel of 25 judges who are respected regional industry players and academics with expert knowledge on IT management.

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