Dinie Zaki


One of the more exciting golfers to come out from the Malaysian scene in recent years is Dinie Zaki. The Malaysian-born golfer made his name in the sport and has since been actively participating in events in the circuit ever since.

Turning Pro

Dinie migrated back to Malaysia from Melbourne, Australia back in December 2021 and since then has turned Pro. In November 2021, he played at the First Leg of the PGAM Satellite Tour which as held at the Danau Golf Club

Certified and Recognized Instructor

He is a certified golf instructor having been attached to the Mulligan Golf Academy. The Certified PGA Australia and Golf Australia Community Instructor has shared his knowledge and trained many and he is also a Certified MiMatch Custom Fitter by Drummond Golf which is remarkable considering his young age.

Besides that, he is also the ambassador for the Japanese golf brand Mizuno.

Dinie Zaki has been playing golf from a young age and played with some of the top golfers of Malaysia since then. He now participates actively in the PGAM Satellite Tour. During his time in Melbourne, he is also an active player in the entertainment scene has been DJ-ing professionally for more than 5 years.

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