Rizq Aam Rohizam


Rizq Aam Rohizam is a Malaysian amateur golfer.

He was among the few young and emerging golfers who were invited to participate in the prestigious Bandar Malaysia Open 2020 held at the Kota Permai Golf and Country Club.

As a golfer, Rizq Adam has been actively involved and participated in some of the top tournaments in the golfing calendar.

He is also recently among the chosen ones by MGA (Malaysian Golf Association) to the National Team Players 2020/2021 list for local based.

One of his most remarkable successes was in 2015 when Rizq won second place at the Kids Golf World Championship for the Boys – 10 years old category.

Since then, he has been participating in various other tournaments.

This includes finishing first at the SGRK Grand Final 2019 and 2 places at the 2020 Faldo Series Malaysia Championship.

He was finished second at the 2nd Leg SportExcel-Milo-NSC Malaysian Junior Premier Elite Golf Circuit 2020, among others.

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