Liyana Durisic


Liyana Durisic is a Malaysian amateur golfer who is part of the National Players List 2020/2021 by the MGA (Malaysian Golf Association).

She was awarded the US College Scholarship that will give her the opportunity to continue her studies in the United States and build her career in golf which she hopes will lead to the professional Tour by 2024.

The student at Iowa State University is pursuing a degree in Kinesiology where she is coached by Christie Martens with the team.

Liyana won the Kelantan Amateur Open in 2019 while finishing fourth at the Malaysian Amateur Open 2019.

That same year saw her finishing top at the Johor Amateur Open and third at the Selangor edition.

2021 saw her participating in mostly tournaments overseas where has finished ninth at the Mountain View Collegiate 2021 and 12 at the UCF Challenge. Other tournaments that she was involved in include the Arizona Wildcat Invitational, 2021 Heroes Ladies Intercollegiate and the 2021 Big 12 Women’s Championship.






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