Corporate Golf Events


Golf events can be very exciting especially for those who are passionate about the game and to build better relationships between partners and businesses. The game of golf, besides being a competitive and highly exciting sport has also been a popular business networking phenomenon. It has been said that some of the biggest business deals have been made over a game of golf and this might just be true.

Golf builds relations

There are a lot of business-related opportunities in golf tournaments. For instance, the Australasian PGA tour and its affiliated events like the World Golf Championships and The Presidents Cup have been the platform where clients are entertained by large Australian firms. While world golfers are competing in the greens, business relations are being built as spectators of the tournaments. This is among the main reasons why so much are being spent on corporate sponsorships for top renowned golfers based on how well they are faring in the game. The higher the ranking a professional golfer goes, the more corporate sponsors are willing to spend. The leverage they get from such exposure can be limitless and that is why golf is such a big game.

Not just spectators but players too

It must be noted though that while corporations and businesses are fast getting associated to the game, many are now playing too. In fact, there are now almost 10% of Australian adults play the game. This constitutes to about 1.34 million people of the over-18 age group. This means that it becomes a lot more evident now that Australian adults are very much accustomed and associated with the game of golf.

Why golf? You might ask

Golf rules are very different from other sports. The handicap system provides the chance for players of all levels to enjoy the game. This means that one can be an amateur, a beginner or a seasoned golfer. As long as the handicap system is apparent, you know who is up against. People with different abilities can be easily identified by knowing the handicap. This is something that other sports cannot emulate. Furthermore, business executives and bosses would always like to get away from the office to have a round of golf.

So, what makes corporate golf so attractive?

We organize all types of golf events and corporate ones are among our most popular. If you are a firm looking to build relationships with your stakeholders, then this is one amazing option you must consider. It can be held for internal staff or you can have it with your external partners. At the end of the day, you will have stronger and enhanced relationships with your clients or motivate your internal staff and employees.

Typical corporate golf events

There are many possibilities that can be considered for your business. While we can customize the itinerary, budget, place and time for you, the decision is entirely up to you and we can ensure that your needs are met with the highest standards. Among events that you can consider include:

  • Business meeting or seminar at a Golf Resort. The itinerary includes a game (or games) of golf
  • ‘Corporate Day’ at the Golf Resorts. Target participants are customers and clients
  • ‘Sponsors Day’
  • Hosting clients at a Tour Event – Watch the tour while enhancing relationships

Business Meetings at a Golf Resort

It is a great idea to hold a conference or meeting at a golf resort. With so many world-class golf courses around Australia, it would nice to take your clients or customers to the golf course for an ‘away’ day where you can have a meeting in the morning at the seminar room. After the meeting, a game of golf ensues. Customers will surely look forward to the next time they meet you again. Meanwhile, you can also host an internal event for your staff and employees. This type of retreat-package can be used to motivate or reward them. We have a list of resorts which are ready to take bookings when you need to. Take note that such events will require careful planning including:

  • Food and catering
  • Door gifts, mementos
  • Event-related premiums such as t-shirts, stationeries, bags, etc
  • People in charge of the package

We will ensure that all the details are taken care of so that as organizers, you can manage other more important issues like keeping your participants happy.

Corporate Golf Day?

If your customers or staff had attended a Corporate Golf Day you organized, the chance is they will be wanting more and looking forward to the next one. In fact, any mention of Corporate Golf and they will recall the last time such an event took place. In recent years, Corporate Golf Days have been very popular among firms, startups, and businesses. They are perfect not only for building and maintaining relationships but also a great platform for corporate branding, recall, and loyalty. Take note that preparation and planning can be very tedious which must cover the printing of materials, invitations, event-related premiums and such. Tell us how you want your Corporate Gold Day to be, sit back and relax and we will do the rest. Call us today for an appointment or drop us a message. We will get back to you, in the shortest time possible.

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