Golf Course Management Software



This application is known to be one of the most efficient ones around. Run fully from the cloud, you can manage the golf club from any device as long as you are connected to the internet. Management here refers not only to bookings but almost all other things that come with it like enrolment for tournaments, pro-shop management, CRM, POS and even direct debits, to name a few. Comes with a 30-days free trial and 24/7 technical support too.


One of the preferred software used in corporate tournaments, GolfRegistrations is very mobile-friendly. This website allows you to manage registrations for both individuals and teams while also giving you options like sponsorships and even integrates with social media. One very popular option for charity organisations and non-profit events as it is almost designed for these organisations in mind.

Jonas Club Management

Jonas Club Software is used by many public and private golf clubs. This is the platform that you get an integrated solution no matter what is the size of your club. Basically, it covers the communications, software and services for every need. More than 2,300 golf clubs around the world in over 17 countries are using this. That speaks for itself.


An easy-to-use and user-friendly software that gives you control over everything golf including resorts, private clubs and obviously the golf course. Among the top features of EZLINKS GOLF are their revolutionary marketing platform, various options of booking processes, tee sheet and their multiple point-of-sale options.


Founded in 2014 in the United States, Golfsmash has been growing in popularity ever since. This software is run from the crowd and has one of the most powerful social networking tools where you get to communicate with your customers easily. Among the features that you get with Golfsmash include Inventory Management, CRM, F&B, online tee-time scheduling, Point-of-Sales, email marketing and so much more.


Among all the many golf course management software out there, GolfStatus is one of the earliest being established as it has been around since 2011. This management software is as complete as it comes where you get a full-service league and tournament management with this one. When running, you get to see live leaderboards while you can carry out customized marketing campaigns too.


A lot of private clubs like this software because of its full suite of features. Among the more popular functions that you will like in Clubessential includes the accounting options, reservations, CRM, and more notably, its member management function.

CPS for Resorts

Designed by Club Prophet Systems, the CPS for Resorts is one of the more popular names when it comes to golf club management. This management software has the tools that can combine reservations and integrate all that you need to efficiently run the golf course. This includes electronic tee sheets, inventory control, point-of-sale and even credit card transactions.

Event Caddy

The makers of Event Caddy is from Canada. What you get when you run this software is a convenient and easily accessible platform as it is cloud-based. Perfect for tournaments of any size, you get all the functions that you need.


There is a downside to FairwayiQ where there is no free trial version. But having to pay for it from the get-go means you can get straight down to business. It comes with player management, location mapping and inventory tracking, among others. What makes this a cool tool is that it also has business intelligence which can be very handy today.


Developed by Canada’s GGGolf, this is one software that is designed to help you get full control of what is going on around the golf course. This includes managing memberships, restrictions, tournaments or events, tee times and handicaps. GGGolf comes with a point of sales as well while it has its own CRM module as well.


Among the many golf course management software in the market, Birdietime is one that comes from Europe. It was originated from Finland where it is actually designed to be an online booking system. Runs through the web, it allows you to manage the course while allowing trainers to manage payments as well as posting lessons too.

Club Caddie

If you like to try, you can try Club Caddie for free first, then proceed from there to see if it suits your needs. What makes Club Caddie so effective and probably user-friendly is that it has been designed to be as relevant as possible. This is done by getting golf industry professionals involved in the building of this app. Besides that, it is cloud-based which makes it very convenient and efficient when used.


A functional and all-round golf course management system, CoursLogix lets you manage your customers’ relationships better. It comes with online event registration, online tee times and even email marketing if you need to.


The company behind Eagle is Premicesoft which has been around for more than 20 years now. This is one golf management software that originated from Canada and is provides all the basics and more. What you get with Eagle is the management of your pro shop and inventory control. Besides that, it also allows you to manage the golf course and the county club through a centralized platform. This includes managing of memberships, tee times and such. The calendar here is very extensive and it is very well-integrated too.

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