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Golf is a very versatile and flexible game and can be very fun if played the right way. Besides the usual match-play rules, there are several other games that are commonly played by golfers. This includes the Six Point Scotch.

Slightly complicated by highly enjoyable

One of the challenges of the game of Scotch is that it can be more complicated as compared to the other games. This is mainly due to the different variations that have been created over the years. It must be noted though that the underlying principles of the game are still the same and once you understood this, you can enjoy this game very much.

Basic rules of Scotch

This game is played with 4 players which are formed in pairs. In other words, 2 players on each team will play against the other team. The players will play their own ball and then points are collected along the way for all that occurred during each hole. Take note that the points awarded here will cancel each other at every hole. For example, if Team A wins 1 point and Team B wins 2 points, Team B will be awarded 1 point for that hole. The team with the highest point will tee off. Scotch is actually one of the most popular games that golfers like to place bets on where every group might have a different set of rules (which makes it a bit too complicated at times).

Common practice and variations in Scotch

What makes this game so interesting is that different groups might adopt the different scoring methods in Scotch. Among the common ones that you might come across include:

  • The 5 Points Scoring System – There will be 5 points allocated on every hole each with a different completion task. 1 point for the lowest ball, 1 for the combined score of the team, 1 for proximity score, another for putt and birdie gets another. In another version, they award 2 points for total, 1 for birdie, 1 for prox and another for low ball with none for putts.
  • The 6 Points Scotch – This is the same as the 5-pointer with 2 for low ball, 1 for birdie, 1 for prox and 2 for low ball. If the team wins all 6 in that hole, they get double the points.
  • The 7 Points game – This is not as popular as the 5 and 6 point games where 2 is points are awarded for low, 1 for prox, 1 for birdie, 1 for the scramble and 2 for the total.

To play this game, there are certain terms that you must know which includes:

  • Blitz – This is where your points are double because you win all the points on a particular hole. It is sometimes referred to as Umbrella. A Miracle is sometimes used where you get a double multiplier effect (in situations like a player gets a double birdie).
  • Press – Like the action, you need to Press On and Off at the right time. If you are losing the points, you invoke a Press to double the bet on the next hole. This works for the points as well. You can keep the Press ‘On’ or you can have it on default to come ‘Off’ at the next hole. Only the person who is down can invoke a Press. If you decide to let the Press stay on until the rest of the Nine or for the rest of the game, it is called a Game Press.
  • Keep and Take – This is a way to add more points where you get to earn 1 point for keeping points on a hole and 2 if you take the points. If your team wins Hole 1 and Hole 2, you get an additional 1 point for ‘Keeping’. If your opposing win Hole 3, they ‘Take’ your points which means that take an additional 2 points.


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