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Hugely popular in Scotland, Foursome is one of the many golf games. It is also very well received and played in North America which is preferred as it is quite fast-paced.

How is Foursome played?

Foursome is also known as Alternate Shot where it only involves 2 balls on each hole instead of the usual 4. Because of this, the duration is a lot faster where the golfer hitting the second shot on a hole can start progressing while the other players in the team are still teeing off. This s a team game usually played in pairs. Each pair will compete against the other pairs and each team will have one score (or one ball). Members from each team will hit the same ball in alternate turns.

  • The first golfer will drive from the start.
  • When the ball comes to rest, the other team member will then hit the ball from that spot.
  • This will alternate among them until the hole is completed.
  • At the next hole, the first golfer who drove in the previous hole will not be allowed to drive this one. He will instead hit the ball after it landed.
  • The best scores for each hole will be compared to the other team and the one with the lowest score will win that hole.
  • This will continue for every hole until the game concludes.

Common rules and variations

Foursome is somewhat similar to most of the standard golf games (4 balls) where you will win if you have the lowest score. If your team has the leading score where the opposing team can no longer catch up, then you are declared the winner. The teams will decide which member will be playing the odd or even number holes. Once the game starts, this cannot be changed which means the player will need to take the course on the numbers decided. What makes this game so attractive to golfers is that skills will not be the only attribute for winning.

  • American Foursomes (otherwise known as Pinehurst or Chapman) is a game that combines Fourball and Foursome. This game was named after Dick Chapman who designed the system with the USGA. The pair will each tee off and then alternates between them for the second shot. After that, they will determine which ball they will complete the hole before going on alternate strokes.
  • Another variation of the game is known as Greensomes or Scotch Foursomes. The rule is the same except in teeing off. Both players will tee off and then they will choose the better ball. Alternation will occur on the next shot.
  • Bloodsoomes, often known also as Gruesomes is the same as Greensomes but the opposing team will determine which ball gets played that ups the challenge

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