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Wolf is one of the many games that golfers play when they are on the green. It is among the most challenging and is great when played among groups.

Popularly played across the world

The well-known game of ‘Wolf’  is more of an individual game than a team one. When managed properly, it can be a fair game with rules for everyone to try and outwit each other. The main objective of this game is to accumulate the most points when every round ends. This game is typically played with 4 people where they compete against each other throughout the entire course. During the course of play, the players can pair up but they will all be chasing after their own scores to accumulate as many as possible.

Determining the order of play

The game starts where the players decide on the order of play. This is determined by drawing or with the flipping of a tee before the first hole. The last player to tee off is the wolf. The idea is that every player will get to become the wolf at every hole by changing the order of play each time. For instance, on the first hole, the order of play has been decided at a, b, c and d. At the next hole, it would be b, c, d, a and then the next becomes c, d, a, b. This means that by the fifth hole, the order of play ‘resets’ to how it was in the first hole.

In a typical 18-hole course, each player will play wolf 4 times while the first and second players will get to become Wolf 5 times (on the 17th and 18th holes respectively).

How is Wolf played?

Once the order of play is decided, the game starts. This is where:

  • The Wolf will decide if he wants to take every player who tees off. This goes on for every player (3).
  • If he decides not to take on any of the 3 players, he becomes the Lone Wolf. He will play alone where he will attempt to get the lowest score for that hole. If not, the hole will be played with the best ball in which the best score of each team will be accounted for.
  • 2 points will be awarded to the Wolf and his partner if they win the hole.
  • 3 points will be awarded to the non-Wolf partners
  • If that hole is played through a Lone Wolf and he is beaten by any player, all the players get 1 point (except the Lone Wolf)
  • This goes on for every hole with the rotation of the Wolf until the end of the game where points are then accumulated and the winner of the game can be decided.




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