Teeing rules and devices


Teeing is an important part of the golf game. Previously, teeing the ball was done from a small mound of sand. This was when the golfer only need to find a spot on the ground that the ball do not roll easily and which it is on a complete stand still.

Today, teeing off can be done by using certain devices which are specifically designed for this. According to the official rules, teeing off can be done from the surface of the ground regardless of whether the surface is irregular. Teeing off can be done from the surface which could be a sandy patch or any other natural substance.

Types and placement of Tees

However, if a certain object is used on the surface for teeing, then it must meet the definition as regulated by the official rules. In this context, it must be noted that a tee must not be longer than 4 inches when stuck to the ground. It must not be designed which could indicate the line of play for the golfer or make any influence on the ball’s movement. A tee which has any effect on the outcome of the shot will not be allowed.

When teeing off the ground, there are several aspects that you must be aware of. The tee is where the golfer is required to play the first shot on every hole from the teeing ground of the course. Tee markers are not allowed to be moved and 2 shots will be added to the score if you have played outside your tee area.

Where this is concerned, traditional tee pegs are usually made from plastic or wood. They are designed to have a pointed end which is used to stick onto the ground. The ball is placed onto the cup-shaped top where you can stack another tee above another as long as it does not exceed the 4-inches permissible height.


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