Bridgestone JGR Irons


Feel: Hitting the ball gives you great stability. The swing is given more weight (thereby the good distribution in this context).

Look: First impression gives you the feeling that it has a large sole. You want to hit anything with it. It needs some getting used to but after a while, it is like a second skin to you.

Best stability and feel

Price: Approximately RM2,800 for the steel version and RM3,000 for the graphite one.

Key Technologies: The Bridgestone JGR has a wide sole flange. It gives the ball better weight distribution during flight. As such, if you are looking for something with good aerial, this would be the perfect club.

Playability: The JGR is perfect for high balls. Its heavy sole is easy to hit the ball. However, you can only take straight shots while curves will require some techniques.

Forgiveness: You get the feeling that the JGR is the most forgiving irons around. After you hit the ball, it produces not much sidespin which as mentioned would be prefect for straight lines.

Distance Control: For a short irons like this, you get very good distance with this one.

Cons: Perhaps the only downside to this irons is the looks. It is quite different as compared to others in its class. If you miss, the impact is felt through the irons and to your hands.

Summary: The overall look is something that needs getting used to. But if you can bypass that, the Bridgestone JGR has everything you need in an irons. In fact, it could be the best club you ever use.

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