Cobra King F6 Irons


Cobra King’s golf clubs are winners and this is no fluke. Their Cobra King F6 Irons would surely be one of the most impressive irons in 2019 mainly because of its price point, the things they packed inside and the way this club has been built to do.

Significance of the Cobra King F6 Irons

The technology behind the Cobra King F6 is mainly the multiple-head construction platform which was made and included so that the ball gets an excellent launch. Then, the spin would impress especially with the design of this club that gives you a perfect CG. Besides that, Cobra King has included their TECFLO technology while using heel to toe weighting for greater forgiveness.

Is this a good club?

With a resounding yes, the Cobra King F6 should be on top of every golfer’s shopping list in 2019. The price is below RM1,000 which means this would be your most affordable iron which comes packed with a lot of performance tools. You can be assured of the best performance with this one where the launch is simply straighter than many other clubs in the same category. The distance might not be their best story here but the launch is simply awesome.
The outlook is quite impressive too as it is perfect for those who do not like the old-school and classic look. But having said that, it does not mean you get colours that are too funky. What makes the club so cool is that it is light enough while the grip gives you a confidence booster the minute you hold on to it. Consistency is a confirmed element here but you need to have some form of control if you are to get your shots right. As such, it might not be too nice for beginners.

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