Top Irons of 2016


Callaway Apex CF16 – The Callaway brand is probably one of the most consistent mainstays in any list. Being one of the top golfing brands, the Apex CF16 is a great game improvement any day. Perfect balance in terms of weight, it elevates the ball high enough very quickly and your ball gets the distance it deserves.

Irons to improve your golf game for sure

Mizuno MP-25 – The revolutionary technology that Mizuno brings to the game of golf is unprecedented and in most cases, unmatched by anyone. The MP-25 is seen as the best to come out from the Japanese brand in recent years. Great impact when hit, you get very good distance control with this and almost perfect forgiveness.

Nike Vapor Fly Pro – The Nike Vapor Fly is one club which catches attention wherever it goes. Pull it out of your golf bag and watch others turn their heads. The sharp contrasted colours make the Fly Pro a joy to hold and greater joy to play with. It has a flawless shaft and when you swing it, you can feel the strength that goes with it almost immediately.

Ping S55 – A permanent name in any golf list, Ping has changed the game with every new model. The S55 continues this trend and it is second to none. Great accuracy once you hit it right but mishits can be quite forgiving with this. That makes the Ping S55 really stand out and the perfect club to have in your bag. One thing for sure, pulling this iron out will have people gleaming in envy.

TaylorMade PSi – The TaylorMade PSi is a great iron to have if you like to hit your shots high and far. You will like to use this if you tend to have a lot of mishits while the sheer looks of the TaylorMade is something to be really excited about.

Titleist 716 AP2 – When it comes to branding, Titleist is one of the top names in the golfing community. The new 716 AP2 is one of the best irons to come from Titleist to date and is actually one of the best in its class. Forgiveness is top notch where you won’t even feel like you have made an error after hitting one.

Wilson FG Tour V4 – What you get from this iron is sheer class and a lot of strength. It is a sturdy club to have in your bag and would be perfect if you want to have good distance with your shots. The Wilson FG Tour V4 is almost made for this purpose and would help a lot if you are trying to improve your hard-hitting shots.

Ben Hogan PTX – What you get from the Ben Hogan PTX is a no-nonsense iron specifically designed to give you the long hits you crave. It is the perfect club to start hitting the balls right. The shaft might be a bit long for beginners but once you get the hang of it, it seems to come off quite nicely. Furthermore, if you are looking for something more classical and rustic, the PTX would be your ideal choice.

Cobra King Forged Tec – A perfect iron for both seasoned and novice players. The Cobra King Forged Tec exude a lot of style and class if you want to create an impression with looks. If you like to portray someone who knows the game, the King Forged Tec is perhaps your best option. It has very good forgiveness that corrects some of the worst spoils but once you control it well, you won’t even feel it anymore.

Tour Edge Exotics CB Pro Tungsten – The tungsten body of the Tour Edge Exotics is what makes this iron stand out. It has a nice design and is one of the more affordable ones in this class. The Exotics CB Pro improves your game significantly but you need to be able to control it well. A few practice swings will do the job very well and once you master it, you won’t want any other iron.

Wilson C200This is one of the more affordable ones in this category but nothing stops it from making the top irons for 2016. Everything about this club is classy. From the looks to the feel and the performance to the distance control. Forgiveness is an area that can be improved but once you can control the club properly, you might not even need to worry about that aspect.

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