Mizuno’s JPX923 Range sets the tone for 2023 and beyond


For 2023, Japanese golf brand Mizuno is set to roll out some interesting clubs that could well be changing the landscape of their games.

Exciting times are ahead for golfers

As one of the leading brands in golf, Mizuno continues to amaze players with cutting-edge technology adopted in their equipment. Next year, they are set to roll out 5 new models using 3 premium metals.

The design process of these clubs has been close to perfection, involving data gathered from more than 350,000 golfers recorded on the Swing DNA platform.

What is so special bout the new Mizuno clubs?

The new Mizuno products are coined as JPX923. It is their tech-heavy iron where you will be pampered with clubs that give you more speed. In their design of this range, Mizuno used materials targeted for golfers no matter which handicap they are in.

According to Mizuno, not all 5 models will be released together. Instead, they will be carrying out a staggered release for this exciting range. They include:

  • JPX923 Tour
  • JPX923 Forged
  • JPX923 Hot Metal
  • JPX923 Hot Metal Pro
  • JPX923 Hot Metal HL

Gathering data to take action

The JPX iron project is surely one of the most revolutionary ones in recent years. The data was collected from over 175,000 golfers annually. They captured more than 175,000 unique swings at the Mizuno Shaft Optimizer and from there, they found that a more shaft lean seems to be the way forward.

However, they had to dial the club a little bit after receiving a conforming letter that came with a warning from the USGA prior to receiving approval for the new clubs. This was where they were informed that the new club was right at the ‘legal limit’.

Besides that, they also used some remarkable materials to make the new clubs including Nickel Chromoly which is commonly found in places like the airplane’s landing gears.

With the new JPX923, Mizuno adopted the Nickel Chromoly which, although slightly costlier than the standard steel, Nickel Chromoly offered a multi-thickness face that would provide more ball speed.

The clubs

Below are the few clubs set for launch next year are:

  • JPX923 Tour – this is a shallow cavity back iron and a one-piece forged carbon steel
  • JPX923 Forged – A thin-faced Chromoly steel and one-piece forged club
  • JPX923 Hot Metal – a more affordable cast Chromoly steel club
  • JPX923 Hot Metal Pro – This is a club that is more compact with a thinner topline case Chromoly steel
  • JPX923 Hot Metal HL – This has a wider sole with cast Chromoly steel

So what does this mean?

Early reviewers have been quick to state that this could well be one of the boldest steps that Mizuno is embarking on. With 5 irons that seem to be so distinctive from each other, they are specially designed for 5 different types of players.

Like the previous clubs from Mizuno, details and technology are integrated to perfection and with their ‘V-Chassis’ holding the center of the structure, weight distribution becomes more precise, offering much better gameplay in every department as vibrations can be better controlled.

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