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Bridgestone Golf

Bridgestone Golf

The name Bridgestone might resonate more in the automotive industry as it is the manufacturer of one of the most widely used tyres for vehicles. However, Bridgestone’s golf arm has been achieving a lot of success in the development of this sport where it has been producing some of the best and functional equipment over the past decades.

Automotive speed for your golf

Bridgestone was founded in 1931 where it is now based in Covington, Georgia in the United States. Shojiro Ishibashi was the founder of Bridgestone then and in 4 years began making golf balls. This would continue the main products rolled out by Bridgestone until 1972 when the brand moved into clubs.

Among its most popular products include its range of golfing equipment and golf balls. It was only in 1972 when Bridgestone Spalding was established to focus on sporting goods. A year later, it spread its wings to Japan before introducing its tennis range in 1974.

The company enjoyed a lot of success then and by 1981 breached their 1 millionth golf club manufactured and the brand continued to grow after that. It would then expand more manufacturing plants including the Bridgestone Sporting Goods Manufacturing in Malaysia, among others.


Bridgestone translates its technology from its superior manufacturing platform to its products. Their Altus Newing Golf Ball is among the most used in this sport. In fact, so effective is the Altus Newing that it was to become the best-selling product in Japan after it was launched back in 1994. Apart from that, Bridgestone’s Precept EV Extra Spin has enjoyed a lot of success in the American market as well.


Bridgestone is a strong brand in the sporting industry and this is most prominent in the racing market. While the names like TaylorMade and Ping might be very common in the golf, Bridgestone has its own loyal following where it has enjoyed tremendous success in its own market.

Its golfing equipment has been used by some of the top golfers like Nick Faldo where it has one of the top drivers among golfers across the world. The Archpower golf shoes produced by Bridgestone Golf is one of the most anticipated prodcuts while their Access golf clubs are highly popular too.

Bridgestone Golf Equipment

The main product that popularize Bridgestone Golf is in the golf balls. Their B-Series Tour Ball, e-Series and Lady Precept are among the most popular while there are others like the Extra-Soft and the X-Fixx. Apart from that, Bridgestone’s golf clubs have been receiving very good reviews across the world.

This includes the J15, irons like the JGR and the forged wedges as well. Meanwhile, Bridgestone is very much involved in golf attire for men and women as well as drivers and hybrids too.

Who wears Bridgestone?

Bridgestone Golf sponsors many renowned golfers around the world. This includes top players like Matt Kuchar and Fred Couples as well as Bryson DeChambeau. Besides them, other players who are seen wearing Bridgestone products are Nick Price from Zimbabwe, Paula Creamer from the US and Ai Miyazato from Japan.