The importance of golf bags and designs


In golf, there are a few accessories that make a lot of difference. The club is one thing for sure because it is the tool that gives your game the quality it needs. And then there is the apparel like the shirt you wear and the cap you use or even the gloves on your hands. But one accessory which is often overlooked is the golf bag which a lot of golfer like to think that it is only for storage purposes.

Just a bag?

It must be noted that golf bags are not ‘just bags’. They play a much more important role than you can imagine. In fact, it is often seen as your personal companion and in some cases, reflecting your personality. You will always be seen with different clubs all the time whether you are driving or putting but it is the bag that is always with you. It is who you are and, in many ways, what you are. Before you buy a bag, there are several factors that you must consider. Among them include:

  • Design – The look and feel of it. What do you want to be associated with in terms of style and design?
  • Functionality – Take note that the golf bag is not one that you just chuck everything in. Each compartment has its own functions and you need to know what they do.
  • Extras – Are there compartments that are there not only for the clubs? Do you usually put an umbrella or rangefinders? Are there pockets for them and do you actually need these pockets? Some golfers prefer to bring a separate bag but having these in your golf bag might make it a lot more convenient.

Types of golf bags

So, here we go with the various types of golf bags you can get to play your game with. Yes! They have specific names to them, and here they are!

  • Staff bags – This is perhaps the most common type of bag you will notice golfers having them around. They have a large logo on shown and they are the usual ones that tell people who they are. Staff bags are big and loud. They are heavy too but since they are used a lot by pros, there are caddies who will carry these bags. The main features of staff bags: lots of space, high quality, looks really good!
  • Cart Bags – These bags usually weigh around 10 to 15 kgs. They are smaller than the staff bags and they are designed to be carried on your bag or being pushed on using a cart. Cart bags are an absolute NO-NO if you are playing on a walking course. In terms of quality, cart bags are not as good but they are durable. Cart bags are great for convenience.
  • Stand Bags – These bags are smaller and lighter. They are designed for golfers who are on a walking course. In fact, the designs are such that it makes walking easier. They come with 2 retractable legs so that the bag can ‘stand’ on its own. They can be upright or canted so that the golfer can get to the clubs easier. Unlike staff or cart bags, stand bags can be used very much on any surfaces whether they are flat or not. Most of the stand bags come with shoulder straps for easy carriage. In some cases, they can be attached to a cart if needed.
  • Carry Bags – this type of bag is also called the Sunday Bag. As the name implies, it is designed to be carried out. They do not come with any legs and they are the lightest types of bags for your clubs. In other words, this is the no-frills golf bag. It is perfect for golfers who like to walk the course with some basic functions like pockets for the balls and tees and other stuff.

Other features

The golf bag is specifically designed to store your golf clubs. That is the entire objective of the bag where the middle part is a hollow shaft that allows all the clubs to be placed in. There are however, other features in the golf bag that you should be aware of.

  • Pockets – Some golf bags come with up to 12 or 15 pockets or compartments for storage. This is where you need to decide when you play. Do you bring a raincoat or a jacket? Do you need a pocket to keep your phone or your GPS rangefinder? What about spare tees and golf balls or a water bottle?
  • Umbrella – A golf umbrella could have a similar length as that of a golf club. Some bags give you a place to hold the umbrella which is very useful in case of rain or extreme sunlight
  • Dividers – These compartmentalize the shaft where the clubs are stored. Some bags have up to 14 dividers that will allow a separate space for every club. Others could have only 2 or no dividers at all.
  • Straps – Useful if you prefer to carry your bag around. Depending on your preference, you can get single or double-straps
  • Putter well – This is the part of the bag designed specifically for the putter. Great if you have a large putter grip and this independent compartment will separate the putter from the other clubs.
  • Protection – Some bags come with a rain hood in case it becomes necessary. For those that don’t, you might want to get this accessory as an add-on to your bag.

Ultimately, the golf bag should have all the basic (and some add-ons) functions that you know your items (and most importantly, the clubs) are safe and ready for use as and when you need them.

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