Launch of Official Golf Refereeing Qualification


Are you an avid golfer who wants to contribute more to the game by becoming a referee, now is your chance. The R&A recently launched the official qualification programme for refereeing in golf which could be something you can consider if you have such aspirations.

Easy can clear pathway

This programme will be catered to individuals who wish to be qualified referees in this game. This programme will be piloted globally this year and is set to be a major mover in the game. Besides golf referees, they can also be tournament administrators where they can integrate their technical knowledge of the rules with their on-course experience. Such a programme will see major developments as more individuals get involved in a better understanding and knowledge of the rules of golf.

Pushing for more participation

According to the director of Rules at the R&A, this programme is expected to greatly benefit individuals who are aspiring to take on those roles which will see them being recognized throughout the world. The R&A will be working with national federations they are affiliated with in order to introduce the new Referee Qualification which will help them to better understand the rules.

Written examinations and practical assessments will be required by candidates. To be certified as an ‘R&A Qualified Referee’, they will have to go through 4 levels (incremental). The practical and theoretical elements of this qualification will be shared with the national golfing federations where R&A will provide materials, seminars and other efforts.

The plan moving forward

The initial pilot of the programme will be launched in 6 countries namely Sweden, Australia, Singapore, Chile, South Africa and Ireland. That should garner enough feedback to finetune the programme before it is being rolled out in full the next year. Former European Tour referees John Paramor and Andy McFee have been appointed the ambassadors of this programme who have collectively provided input and feedback too. This programme is expected to bring a lot of benefits in pushing golf to a higher level. It has since received the full support of the European Tour, the Ladies’ European Tour and the Asian Tour respectively.

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