Tiger Woods mistress beauty pageant


Tiger Woods mistress beauty pageant : simulated gambling odds

Howard Stern organized Tiger Woods mistress beauty pageant with the prize $100,000. There have been four mistresses signed on to participate the competion. The question now is: Which four? NBC Rick Chandler made the following conjecture that Jaime Grubbs and Jamie Jungers are most likely to join, while Rachel – Wu Qitai children (Rachel Uchitel) least likely to play.

The Tiger Wood mistress list

(1) Jaime Grubbs : 5-2. She is a cocktail waitress, Tool Academy contestant, the current everywhere by her presence. Her competition seems like a natural.

(2) Jamie Jungers: 2-1. Las Vegas lingerie model has the tools, has the talent. The problem is that whether she has the will?

(3) Mindy Lawton: 3-1. Orlando parking waitress, the first revealed Tiger Woods hates to use condoms, seems she has completely been ready for the race.

(4)Loredana Jolie: 4-1. Playboy model and (alleged) hooker, could crush the field if properly motivated.

(5) Holly Sampson: 7-2. The former porn star is a strong contender, if she has sufficient time for training, she should have performed well.

(6) Kalika Moquin: 6-1. Las Vegas club manager may be a wild card candidate. Could sneak in.

(7) Cori Rist: 7-1. The aspiring model should take advantage of this opportunity as a springboard to further enhance its KNOW .

(8) Joslyn James: 10-1. Porn star Tiger Woods claimed that she conceived twice, probably she would not take risks, accept the host Howard – Stern severe torture.

(9) Julie Postle: Not much is known about this Orlando cocktail waitress. Could conceivably be in the mix.

(10) Theresa Rogers: 45-1. This cougar should receive sympathy vote.

(11) Rachel Uchitel: 100-1. New York nightclub VIP hospitality is not playing, unless as a co-entry with the lawyer Gloria Allred.

American media for more than 11 recognized only a named mistress scandal, the British media, Tiger Woods believes there is an English lover called Emma – Rotherham United (Emma Rotherham). Because of this British mother very deeply hidden, but Tiger Woods is said to close the sealing fee, it is unlikely that competition can be ignored.

Of course, Tiger Woods, the mistress of media coverage far beyond these 12, some media “optimistic” estimate of Tiger Woods, the mistress of 19 to 20 people, but the other mistress, no surname unknown, it is not in line with Howard – Stern registration requirements .

Ashley Madison CEO Noel Biderman said:

“This could be the most talked about pageant since Vanessa Williams was crowned Miss America…the franchise possibilities are endless: a “political” mistress pageant, “entertainer” mistress pageant, “professional athlete” mistress pageant…once again Howard Stern has changed the American popular landscape – for the better!”

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