Getting out of a Deep Rough


Hazards and bunkers come in different shapes and sizes. You’d never know what you will get into when you are in the greens and at times you hit a deep rough and it gets you thinking as to how to get out of them.

Accuracy and precision

The best thing about playing golf is that the possibilities can be limitless. Practice will get you far where you can develop your accuracy when you need them. But the problem is that golfers tend to lose confidence when they see a shot that seemed too challenging. This is quite likely to occur when the ball hits a high rough. One of the biggest mistakes that golfers do is to hit behind the ball. As a result, they leave the ball short and it might not even reach the green. Otherwise, they might overhit the ball and it lands on the wrong side.

The trick to getting out of the rough

There is no reason to panic if the ball hits a high rough. Typically, you need to think for a moment about what your next move should be and move on.

  • Use a club that is high lofted. A wedge (sand, gap or pitching will do) would be good. This is so that you can hit the clubhead past any thick grasses. In doing so, it won’t tangle the club in any way. Avoid high bounce wedges.
  • What you should do here is to land the ball at a longer distance from the pin and let it roll up towards the whole. If you make a chip shot, it would create more roll with lower backspin onto the green.
  • For better control, grip down on the club. If in doubt, have the foreigner of your lower hand gripping around the metal shaft. If you are in tall grasses, grip tighter so that you have better control.
  • Stand higher than normal and stand nearer to the ball than usual setup to elevate your club heel slightly.
  • Shift your weight towards the left foot and play the ball back in your stance. Now with your hands forward, address the ball accordingly. Be sure to keep your stance intact when you are making this move so that you can channel the right amount of strength towards hitting the ball.
  • Ensuring that your hands are leading the clubhead through the ball, you want to achieve a rhythmic swing when you hit it. You have to ensure that you have the same height on the backswing and the follow-through positions.

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