Getting the right Takeaway


Learning to play golf is exciting because there are just so many techniques and methods to master. Coaches will always give you the fundamentals and best practices so that you can get down to playing as soon as you are able to. For beginners, it is imperative to have a solid foundation and that is where you need to get your takeaway fine-tuned.

Learning the right way to swing

Starting from the basics will be easier if you are a beginner and once you have mastered this, you will find it to be a lot easier to focus on other parts of your game. The first move in the golf swing is crucial where you need to get the right takeaway where you want to form that ‘triangle’. This is done through your shoulders, arms and hands while holding the club. This part is very important which must be precise if you want any quality in your swings.

Getting the triangle right

The key to a good swing is getting the triangle right. To do this, you will have to:

  • Grip the club firmly in your hands. Be mindful of your shoulder, hands and arms. Now, turn your shoulders away from the target. This means your arms will follow suit.
  • As you are making the turn, maintain the imaginary triangle.
  • Let your right elbow fold a little when your arms are reaching the height of your hips. You will notice that your right elbow is now pointing in the same direction as your right hip.
  • At this point, maintain the straight line of your left arm but you do not need to be too stiff. Ensure that the triangle is maintained through the line between your elbows and your forearms.
  • Keep turning your shoulders and while maintaining the triangle do so until your club reaches the height of your ear.

If you follow the steps above, you will notice that the imaginary triangle is maintained throughout the process. By keeping this posture, the takeaway would be created the way it is supposed to. Suffice to say, practice will make it easier and you can do so even with an imaginary club.

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