The Latissimus dorsi muscle in golf


The strongest muscle of your back is known as the latissimus dorsi. It is also the widest which is made up of triangular muscles that cover a major part of the area. Known in short as lats, these muscles are extremely important to get your swing right.

Getting the posture right

The latissimus dorsi will pull the upper warm down and back and then it will rotate it towards you. This action is very vital for the backswing and gives you the power for your downswing. The lats help a lot to power your golf swing especially when you have a good one. At the end of your backswing, your body will be coiled where the target side tends to be stretched. The range of motion of the latissimus dorsi will influence your swing. If it is limited, then your club could well be out of position and will be at the top of the backswing which means you have to compensate and end up with an inefficient swing.

Worse still, it could result in the ball strike becoming inconsistent as you are not generating enough power for the shot. That could also end up in injury which could be counterproductive. Remember that since the latissimus dorsi has the biggest area, it is able to generate a lot of power.


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