The perfect environment for a luxurious and modern life


Living in a luxurious home is one of the perks of being young and successful. If you have seen the homes at Barwon Heads around the Bellarine Peninsular, Australia, you would surely agree. This small town around the coast not far from Melbourne has been the talk of the town among many young professionals as their primary home options.

Isolated away in privacy

If you are a golfer in Melbourne, you would have heard of this place as it has always been known for its beautiful golf clubs. When there is golf, there is a luxury. What makes Barwon Head such an attractive address is that you get the best of everything on all four sides.

  • On one side, you have Barwon River.
  • The state park is on the other.
  • Barwon River flows down the third side.
  • And the golf course obviously borders the last.

Relax, indulge and enjoy life

The first impression here is that Barwon Heads have a close-knitted community. It is not too overly congested and people are very laid-back and relaxed. This is the place to live if you are looking for somewhere rustic with a touch of modernity. One such example is the place known as ‘the dump’, pretty much an old cottage dating back to the 19th century.

Given a new breath of life, they re-designed what was an old house into a modern and contemporary home through an intelligent mix of color and design lines.

Retaining the store and structure

Most of the original elements like the structure and certain fittings were retained. This house had 3 bedrooms, a bathroom and a powder room and it now comes with a grey and earth motif. This 2-level barn-style home is truly a sight to behold.

You get the kitchen, living room and garage on the first floor complete with the laundry and the walk-in pantry.

On the mezzanine, the master bedroom is there together with the bathroom and a walk-in wardrobe. They have been very meticulous when choosing the furniture which blended with the color palette they used.

If it’s a home you are looking for, the modern and contemporary lifestyle does not get any better than this. It checks all the boxes that make this place exude class and luxury. This is the type of home anyone would want to live in. Great location, excellent design, close community, contemporary architecture and everything else under the sun.

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