Watch collecting in Malaysia. What is watch collecting and which brand you should have one!     


Are you a watch collector? There are literally thousands of watch and timepiece brands out there and what makes you a collector?

Not just about buying a watch

Some people buy watches because they are fashionable. Some buy them because they are expensive. Some buy them for the sole purpose of telling time. Others use it for sports like golf. If you are a collector, you buy it because you appreciate the backstory of a watch. The price that comes with it is immaterial because it is what the watch resembles that gives it the value it deserves.

Starting out in watch collection

Make no mistake about this. The watch collection is an expensive hobby. This is the game you want to enter into that will cost thousands! If you are going to venture into a watch collection, a few tips might point you to the right direction.

  • Buy what you want – Telling the time is given. This is where you want to enjoy what you have. In watch collecting, every watch you own bear a resemblance to something important or valuable to you. These are items that you build a bond with and you would want to wear them and show them off whenever you have the chance. Don’t buy something that you won’t wear.
  • Not an investment – You are doing this because you like the watches and not because you think you can sell them for a higher price in the future. No doubt buying and selling watches is huge money and anticipating a price increase is like investing in shares. Collectors buy watches and keep them for a lifetime. You want to enjoy watch collecting, not enduring any stress when doing it.

The brand which you must have at least one

Rolex Daytona Watch

Rolex Daytona WatchThere are so many brands out there when it comes to collecting watches. If there is one brand that you must have in your it must be a Rolex. This is as iconic as much as it is a necessity. Anyone who wears a Rolex is simply making a statement of prestige and luxury. No matter what technologies and designs are out there, people are still buying Rolex. This is a must-have in any watch collector’s safe.

Omega Men

Omega Watch

Tudor Black Bay

Tudor Black Bay

While Tudor and Omega have often been seen as worthy alternatives to the Rolex, they still do not come close to the stature and impression anyone has with the golden crown on the wrist. Omega has often been associated with some of the most technologically advanced mechanics when it comes to timepieces.

Patek Phillipe watches men

Patek Phillipe Watch

And then there is the Patek Phillipe, one of the oldest and last family-owned watchmakers in the world today. Audemars Piguet is another brand which has been worn by the rich and the famous, tycoons and royalties. If you own one, people know you are rich because this is one of the most high-end and premium watch brands in the world. A Rolex might shy in comparison to price but it is still and always a Rolex.


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