PAWS host golf tournament to fund new facility


PAWS is a place for homeless animals and has been caring for them for more than 30 years now. today, PAWS has more than 500 animals currently residing at their Ara Damansara shelter which is their temporary spot.

Charity and Golf the perfect combination

PAWS recently announced the hosting of a golf charity game to help those in need. This was to be the “PAWS – Better Malaysia Foundation Inaugural Charity Golf 2022” tournament planned for late 2022.

The objective was part of the initiative to raise funds for the PAWS Animal Welfare Society slated to move to a new facility soon.

A game for everyone

For individuals, the entry fee to play was RM1,000 per person while it is RM4,000 for a team consisting of 4 players. Participants who contributed to the cause will be eligible for income tax relief.

PAWS have under their care more than 250 dogs and 250 cats. They have been doing this since 1987, taking care of unwanted dogs and cats and then nurturing them back to good health and then finding suitable adopters.

The expenses at PAWS are fully funded by donations from members of the public and from charity organizations.

Moving from the current location

In 2021, the current facility that PAWS has been occupying for 34 years had its land taken back by the government.

Hence, PAWS had to relocate and moved to an empty land in Ara Damansara. This would be their temporary place while they wait for the construction of the new facility.

The Paws Better Malaysia Foundation Inaugural Charity Golf Tournament 2022 would be one of the initiatives to acquire the RM3.5 million needed to complete the project.

A successful event overall

The tournament received a very good response overall which saw many players coming together to enjoy a competitive game of golf while helping to contribute to a good cause.

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