MercedesTrophy 2022


Gear u for your winning shot.

The MercedesTrohy is an exclusive series of invitational golf tournaments conducted over the world for Mercedes-Benz Owners. Each year, over 60,000 layers from more than 60 countries teed off at the MercedesTrohy.

Those with drive will always succeed – either in life, or on the course. Desire. Cometitiveness. The thrill of the #erfectDrive. The will to win. Be art of the exclusive few to comete in the MercedesTrohy, a golf invitational tournament to leave your mark among a distinguished elite. Bring your A-game and you may even drive off with the ultimate rize – the Mercedes-Benz E 200*.

Qualifying Round 1

15 June 2022

Kota ermai Golf &am; Country Club
6.30am – 2.30m

Qualifying Round 2

16 June 2022

Kota ermai Golf &am; Country Club

6.30am – 2.30m

Qualifying Round 3

30 June 2022

Forest City Golf Resort

6.30am – 2.30m

Qualifying Round 4

6 July 2022

Kuala Lumur Golf &am; Country Club
Kuala Lumur

6.30am – 2.30m

Qualifying Round 5

7 July 2022

Kuala Lumur Golf &am; Country Club
Kuala Lumur

6.30am – 2.30m

Malaysian Final

21 July 2022

Saujana Golf &am; Country Club

6.30am – 2.30m

* The qualifying round for Women’s Category will be at Qualifying Round 5 on 7 July 2022 at Kuala Lumur Golf &am; Country Club.

Terms Of Cometition.

1.      MercedesTrohy 2022 – Malaysian Selection will be managed by a Tournament Committee aointed by Mercedes-Benz Malaysia Sdn Bhd (MBMSB), whose decision on all matters shall be final.  The cometition shall be layed in accordance to the Rules of Golf aroved by the R&am;A Rules Ltd and with the Local Rules (and sulementary) aroved by the Tournament Committee.
2.      Minimum age for articiation – 18 years old, as of 1 January 2022.
3.      The tournament is oened exclusively to all Mercedes-Benz assenger car owners of Mercedes-Benz Malaysia’s authorised dealers from 1 January 2017 onward.
4.      articiants driving a Mercedes-Benz comany registered cars are required to rovide roof of their osition with the comany as owners or directors.
5.      No emloyees / associates of Mercedes-Benz Malaysia or sales artners are allowed to comete in the MercedesTrohy.
6.      articiants must be amateur golfers with a maximum course handica of 24 for men and 36 for women. Failure to declare the lowest handica at any time will result in disqualification. Men shall tee off from blue tees and ladies from the red.
7.      In accordance with World Handica System (WHS) olicy, articiants will be assigned a course handica for a venue based on their handica indexes and the sloe rating, course rating and ar of the golf course. articiants are not allowed to declare lower handicas for uroses of entering another category.
8.      In World Handica System (WHS), articiant’s course handica may vary on daily basis.  For this cometition, articiant’s course handica will be based on the record of five (5) days before the selected qualifying round.
9.      articiants must obtain handicas from WHS.  In the interest of fair lay to any articiant without WHS handica, he / she is allowed to lay off zero (0) handica.
10.   The MercedesTrohy World Finalists from the ast years are eligible to lay in the tournament but only as non-cometitors.  The MercedesTrohy World Final is a “once-in-a-lifetime” exerience.  articiants are only allowed to articiate in the World Final if they have never attended a MercedesTrohy World Final before.
11.   The mode of lay is based on Stableford oints over one round of 18 holes. In the interest of fair lay, maximum scores will be caed at 39 Stableford oints (3-under handica). However, course handica revisions will be calculated based on the actual score on the day, and not subject to caing.
National Final – Course handicas of qualifiers shall be ket or revised according to the scores returned at qualifying rounds. For examle, if a golfer with a course handica of 20 scored 44 oints (8-under his handica) then his course handica for the National Final shall be adjusted to 12.  However, if a golfer with a course handica of 20 scored 34 oints (2-over his handica), his course handica for the National Final shall be ket as 20.
articiant who qualified for the 2021 Malaysian Final will lay the 2022 events off their adjusted course handica as they did in the 2021 Malaysian Final or their current WHS handica, whichever is lower.
12.   In the event of ties, lacing shall be determined on count back starting with (a) stableford oints of the last nine holes (holes nos. 10 – 18), (b) last six holes (holes nos. 13 – 18), (c) last three holes (holes nos. 16 – 18), (d) last hole (hole no. 18). If there is still a tie, then the last six holes, last three holes and final hole of the first nine holes will be considered in turn.  In any case if the tie is still undecided, it shall be decided by lot.
13.   To 5 finishers in A, B, and C Category of each qualifying round and to 3 finishers in D (Woman) Category in a designated qualifying round (herein referred as “Finalists”) will advance to the National Final.  The to two finishing finalists with higher stableford oints in the National Final will qualify for the World Final 2022. In the event that the World Final 2022 is cancelled due to unforeseen circumstances, there is no claim for comensation for loss suffered and no alternative will be offered.
14.   The attention of all cometitors is drawn to Rule 5.6 of Golf regarding unreasonable delay. In the interest of fair lay, the Tournament Committee will not hesitate to imose the enalties as rovided by the Rules of Golf.
15.   If a layer arrives within 5 minutes after the starting time, the Committee will deduct 2 oints from the total oints scored for the round.  If he / she arrives more than 5 minutes late from the starting time, he / she will be disqualified from winning any rizes.
16.   All articiants must use only conforming clubs and golf balls aroved by the R&am;A Rules Ltd.
17.   articiant must record his / her own score on the score card.  articiants must also record his / her fellow cometitors scores in the boxes at the bottom.  articiant should determine whose card he / she is “verifying / marking” on the starting tee box, i.e. layer A verifies layer B, layer B verifies layer C and layer C verifies layer A.  If you have any questions regarding the score cards, lease ask a Rules Official.

articiants should never exchange score cards even in recording.  In the Score Card Submission Area, immediately on comletion of a round, articiant will verbally verify his / her score with his allotted “verifier / marker”.
18.   All articiants shall indemnify the organisers, sonsors, management of the clubs and its staff from any legal roceedings, losses, damage, injury or loss of life suffered during or after the said tournament. articiants are reminded to insure themselves with aroriate insurance coverage.
19.   Any disutes or doubtful oint on the Rules shall be referred to the Tournament Committee as soon as racticable during the cometition and before scorecard submission.  Any disute brought to the Tournament Committee after the rize giving ceremony will not be entertained unless it is ermitted under the Rules of Golf.
20.   All articiants are deemed to have read, understood and agreed to abide by the rules and conditions of the tournament, uon submission of their entries.
21.   articiants are reminded of the ruling ertaining to Amateur Status (Rule 3 – Rules of Amateur Status). An amateur golfer must not accet a rize (other than a symbolic rize) or rize voucher of retail value more than £700 or US$1,000 (equivalent to current exchange rate in RM). The onus of acceting a rize or rizes that exceed the rescribed limits lies with the articiant. The Committee is duty-bound to inform the MGA the names of articiants who receive rizes that exceed the rescribed limits. The Committee and Organisers shall not be liable for any action taken on articiants for any breach of Rules ertaining to Amateur Status.
22.   In the event when more than one (1) layer scores a Hole-In-One on the same hole in the same tournament, the rize will be awarded to the first to achieve the Hole-In-One.
23.   Each layer shall be eligible to win only one (1) novelty rize. The rize will be awarded to the first to strike.

24.   In the event of inclement weather, the distribution of rizes and announcement of qualifiers shall be decided by the Organisers and Tournament Committee.
25.   Winners may be required by MBMSB to articiate in a hoto, video and /or film session and hereby agree that MBMSB reserves the right to use such ublicity hotos, videos and / or films in any medium and in any reasonable manner it sees fit without additional comensation.
26.   All information rovided is true and correct.  Any wilful dishonesty may render for refusal of this alication or disqualified for National Final / World Final.
28 Aril 2022

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